Santa's Little Helper, Before the NexGen EDH League started in February of 2016, there was a short-lived league at Myriad Games in Salem. I have gifted Grid Monitor and Steel Golem to players running decks like Animar and Maelstrom Wanderer. I was having fun. Only the card's controller may peek under to remind themselves of what the card will be when its morph cost is paid to flip the card over. I want my opponents to wonder what's behind door number three, and I want them to get a chance to find out. My Sidar & Tana deck is definitely going to get that saproling token, but if that's one of the more exciting cards in the booster, I think this one was something of a whiff as well. Until this rules change, you could only create colored mana that matched your commander's color identity. Arcane Laboratory + Erayo, Soratami Ascendant Locks all other players out of the game. The table was a big one. It's especially fun to play with less experienced players, as it really opens their eyes to what you can do in this format. It's not just all combat and combos - you can play decks that aren't just outside the box, they're off the reservation and engaging opponents in ways you might never have imagined were possible. Getting the occasional kill and shutting the occasional opponent down with cards they never even knew existed makes for a good time provided I'm OK with having little chance at winning. I don't know which you would choose, but unless I had a specific reason to go with one of the first two, I would always go for the mystery pack. Land (36) Planeswalker (1) Enchantment (19) Artifact (13) Sorcery (7) Instant (8) Creature (15) View As commander As card Average deck. I don't know if my morph Zedruu deck is truly unique, or if I'm the 89th person to brew up this particular pile of jank and think it's a new idea, but I love it. It's especially fun to play with less experienced players, as it really opens their eyes to what you can do in this format. Hugging it Out Maybe someday I will build a voltron Zedruu deck, or a stax Zedruu deck, or some other weird build. One of those packs is Magic 2014, and has been opened and displayed in the photo below. Moat. It's only a win con with one other player still in the game, but it is always a good addition for a deck that is built around giving away permanents. + Reliquary Tower / Venser's Journal I can deal a very large amount of damage every upkeep. To his credit, Kid Combo stayed in. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. After sitting around with nothing to do for what must have felt like an eternity, the Kruphix player for the second time looked somewhat disbelieving... and when Karlov ended his turn, he passed to Kid Combo, who immediately did his combo and won the game. I wrap Zedruu's gifts by having them be morph cards. [[Zedruu the greathearted]] looks like a super fun commander with a unique strategy, but I have no idea which route to take her. This means I need to have both good gifts and bad gifts. Who knows - it could happen. For the players who won't "play ball", or who just blow up too quickly, I run cards that are BAD gifts. What was found behind "door number 3" might be good. Apparently the Karlov player wasn't having fun. You can pay the morph cost at any time to un-morph your creatures. Terms of Use | Dragon is from Path of Bravery by Chris Rahn. They were screwed. It's worth the risk, as it gives the deck a powerful surprise that can really take advantage of Zedruu's ability. The turns to follow were fun. With only two players left, and my life under 20, I played Transcendence, used Zedruu to give it to my opponent and I won the game. He was a little miffed that he'd have to wait, but what can you do? I'm pretty sure it was the first and only game the deck has won. They hear my explanation of what the deck is trying to do, and they watch me start giving away face-down creatures and don't give a damn if they get one or not. I have gifted Statecraft to a player who was had an immense board state with tons of creatures and was poised to win the game. Edit. This site © 2020, LLC This site is unaffiliated. Before we leap into today's discussion about how I built a deck around one of the odder legendary creatures Wizards of the Coast has ever printed, I have to ask you a question. The early game was fairly straightforward. I run Grid Monitor, Steel Golem and Rust … Were you the kind of person who would go for the mystery booster pack? The challenge is to do it in a way that either gives you an advantage on the board or gives you an advantage politically. Kid Combo was back in the game. CardHoarder 134.99 TIX. You have to not know what you are going to be given until the gift is unwrapped. Card Draw: The three most important words you can find on any card are "draw a card". Use Elixir of Immortality right after. Thousand Winds: Return all other tapped creatures to their owners' hands. I was sure I'd be able to dig to something eventually, even if it wound up being my janky Mindslaver / Moltensteel Dragon combo to force him to pay his own life down to nearly nothing. This past Fall I finally won a game with Zedruu. Frontline Strategist: Fog for all non-solider creatures. © 2017 by Stephen Johnson. Once my opponents understand my game plan and realize that I'm really giving them useful stuff, I often get a little breathing room on the battlefield. Transcendence is just fantastic with Zedruu, no matter what kind of deck you are building. Giving Gifts: While there are times where this might be useful, by and large it is not what most EDH players are trying to do in a given game. Transcendence is just fantastic with Zedruu, no matter what kind of deck you are building. I was dead, dead, dead. Belltoll, Shieldhide, Stormwing Dragons: Put a +1/+1 counter on each dragon you control. The Karlov player killed me. I was playing against Phelddagrif, with a deck full of weird, effective, and slightly unfair ways to hamstring or just kill players. Bad Gifts, Controller Harmed They can be lands, extra mana rocks or even creatures like Humble Defector or Goblin Cadets. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site.

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