There's no multi-channel analogue input, though, so this receiver's not ideal for use with a PC. The RX-V465 can decode the lossless high- definition Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks used by many Blu-ray discs, as well as all the older DVD standards. Surround sound was accurately positioned, with smooth movement and plenty of impact on explosions and ricochets. Firstly, the 7.1 scheme, fully implemented on the software level (there are Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders), is not fully supported by the hardware. S-Video is upset but there is more useful port for the firmed docking station for iPod, and on the front panel - mini-Jack for portable player and the simplest AV-port. The only 5.1 model here, this low-cost and easy-to-use AV receiver has good audio quality, produces great directional audio and is superb value. Two coaxial and two optical S/PDIF audio inputs are split evenly between the composite and component inputs, and can't be reassigned to different video inputs. Gestion des flux audio haute définition Dolby True HD et DTS-HD sur les quatre entrées HDMI et technologie Adaptative DRC pour un véritable rendu home-cinéma même à faible volume. The RX-V465 then measures and adjusts sound from each speaker, configuring the optimal sound. If you don't have a possibility to install back speakers, Virtual Surround will help. All rights reserved. Yamaha RX-V465 AV-receiver A younger model in the line of Yamaha is not inferior in many respects to much more expensive counterparts of recent times but compromises still exist. The RX-V465 is easy to use, and the remote makes it simple to adjust settings and switch inputs. A younger model in the line of Yamaha is not inferior in many respects to much more expensive counterparts of recent times but compromises still exist. And jumping to this receiver from an RX-V365 loses the B speaker assignment, and as we mentioned, the multi-channel analogue inputs. The most of inputs are reassigned and this improves commutation possibilities. The RX-V465, along with all of Yamaha's other AV receivers, features their new Compressed Music Enhancer which adds back in the missing "air" or high frequency information to MP3 and other compressed music sources. The bump ups in Yamaha aren't all that straightforward, however. There is no video converter; all signals are issued in the same form and on the same ports as the source. Firstly, the 7.1 scheme, fully implemented on the software level (there are Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders), is not fully supported by the hardware. I have a Yamaha RX V465 AV Receiver with remote numbers RAV293 WR00270. Spend a bit more on Onkyo's TX-SR577, though, and you can get even better sound. The developers have obviously decided not to compete with their expensive models. you can't use RX-V465 as a multi-channel processor. 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If you want to upgrade, stereo phono outputs can be connected to an external amplifier to produce the extra two channels. Yamaha's RX-V465 is the cheapest AV receiver here and is designed for simple home cinema setups. spring terminals, binding post terminals, and phono inputs, calibration mic input, subwoofer phono output, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS NEO:6, Dolby TrueHD. In addition, Deep color and x.v.Color are supported, i.e. The set of DSP-modes is very rich; you can have plenty of fun choosing the optimal environment for your taste. The Yamaha AV Controller App provides simple yet powerful network control in either zone at once. Oast year we started having button problems on the remote; mainly the volume down button. RX-V465; AV Receiver; Amplifier Section Channel: 5.1-channel: Dynamic Power per Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms)-/110/130/150 W: Surround Sound Processing DSP Programs Despite of modest price tag of the device, a hallmark of Yamaha receivers - great job with effects of surrounding field, their precise localization and real three-dimensionality of panorama - appeared in full. The set of classic ports is modest but four inputs of digital audio (one pair for each type) and two ones for component video will be enough. We would prefer sturdy binding post connections for all speakers. In short, the best sound is achieved in Direct mode which doesn't bring any adjustments in sound. All the connectors you'd expect are on the back, including four HDMI, two component and four composite. Particularly, it has a new approach to the organization of simple Scene macrocommands (turning on the input and the choice of audio mode for the main sources). This item Remote Control for Yamaha RX-V465 RX-465BL RX-V565 RX-V565BL YHT-591 YHT-791 YHT-494BL YHT-397 YHT-397BL YHT-493 YHT-493BL AV A/V Audio Video Receiver. Unfortunately, there is no multi-channel analog output, i.e. In light of above-mentioned there is no sense to consider the spring acoustic terminals for central and back speakers as a disadvantage. You will have to bear with the lack of screen menu - this is typical for the devices of initial price range. The interface of HDMI supports CEC function, which facilitates system management. The speaker connections are two pairs of binding posts for the left and right speakers, and spring clips for the centre and left and right surrounds. For example, jumping from an RX-V465 to an RX-V565 picks up HDMI upconversion to 1080p, but loses the surround speaker preamp outputs. Subtle background sounds were audible, if not quite as clear as from some more expensive receivers, such as Onkyo's TX-SR577. In a small room with proper selection of speakers this model will be an ideal center of the most modern home theatre. In principle it is the right decision because often it is physically impossible to realize 7.1 to the full in small city flat and this model was created exactly for small rooms. The amplifier is five-channel; only linear inputs are provided for Surround Back. Setup is easy, thanks to the tiny microphone that you plug in and position at ear level on your favourite seat. Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark. It's the only model on test to amplify 5.1 audio channels only, rather than 7.1, but this is more than enough for all but the largest of living rooms. Sound quality's great for the price, making this a decent choice for anyone who wants home cinema on a tight budget.

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