History Our Team Buying From Us Guitar & Amplifier Packaging Hours & Contact. The D-41 stays within the traditional framework of the Martin Dreadnoughts, being improved slightly throughout history. In production since the late '60s, the Martin D-41 Dreadnought acoustic guitar is a higher-end dreadnought that features luxe aesthetic details. Dislikes: Neck is too wide. 193. Some lack Martin Serial #'s or markings of any kind. I am wondering if they installed a 1 3/4" neck instead of their sacred 1&11/16" neck. This is the original version of Martin's D-41 (though with Indian rosewood) as designed by Mike Longworth. 1929 Martin switches from rectangle to … Serial # 475980. 255037: D12-45 with Indian rosewood. 255717: first D-41 model with Indian Rosewood. For instance, the Shenandoah D-1832, is … 193. Here's a pearl-bound Martin that looks old in all the right ways, sounds like a million bucks, plays nicely, and does it all at a relatively budget-minded price. Registered Member. TW1000. Has had a neck reset and has been refretted, with a new bone nut, and the bridge is a later ebony version but still a Martin-made bridge. 1929 18+ series Martins fully switched over to nitro cellulose lacquer finish. Transition started in 1926 with O-17H according to Longworth. Compare prices and shop Martin D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars on Reverb.com. The Martin D-41 was introduced in 1969 to fill a hole in the Martin line between the D-35 and D-45. Note even though the cut off for Brazilian rosewood was serial number 254497, some high-end models like the D-45 and D-41 did appear after this serial number with Brazilian rosewood bodies. TW1000. Back in 1969, musicians were asking for a Martin guitar that had all the “glitz” from the front of the guitar, as they wanted to have the audience see the “shine” from the stage; however, they didn’t want to pay for the pearl on the sides and back. Original finish throughout, with original tuners and pickguard. 1987 Martin D-41 ACOUSTIC GUITAR . I might have gotten a dud. Martin D-41 1969 Brazilian on Ebay Martin D-41 1969 Brazilian on Ebay. For example: 254498: first Martin with Indian rosewood (D21). If memory serves me right (and I know you guys will correct my memory) the History...by Mike Longworth states that a 249xxx indicated the change to Indian Rosewood whereas others state that it was serial number 254xxx. Shenandoah guitars were usually given the model number of the Martin guitar they resembled, superseded by the number 32. 1922-1923, Martin makes guitars for Wurlitzer. What we get here is a powerful body with an exceptional strength of sound and bass. Review: Martin D-41 Rating you give the Martin D41: 2 - Did the job nothing special Likes: Good enough tone, pretty guitar, sometimes muddy tone, tho.

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