Windows 10 allows you to create custom shortcuts for any program, whether it's a traditional "desktop" app, a new-fangled "universal app" or one of Windows 8's "metro apps." Display the current selection (if it's collapsed), or select the first subfolder. In addition, you can accomplish tasks like controlling windows, virtual desktops, take screenshots, lock your device, and a lot more. Display properties for the selected item. Useful when the Remote Desktop controls are embedded in another (host) app. Move active window to monitor on the right. Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin. For more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10, visit the following resources: (function(d, s, id) { This post lists the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for CMD, Dialog boxes, File Explorer, Continuum, Surface Hub, Ease of Access, Settings, Taskbar, Magnifier, Narrator, Windows Store Apps, WinKey… Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the right. To activate this shortcut, select Start  > Settings  > System  > Clipboard, and turn on the toggle under Clipboard history. Move the cursor in the direction specified. Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box. I can't even find any information anywhere about how to turn them on. How do I turn on the keyboard shortcuts? Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D. Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D. Switch to the program that displayed a message in the notification area. Switch input language and keyboard layout. If they are supposed to work without doing anything, why are mine not working? When you're done rearranging, release your finger from the Windows logo key to select the current arrangement. Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box. Set focus to a Windows tip when one is available. Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop. Shift + right-click a grouped taskbar button, Windows keyboard shortcuts for accessibility, Keyboard shortcuts in Continuum for phones. On Windows 10, File Explorer includes a lot of keyboard shortcuts to help you complete tasks a little quicker. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu. Place a copy of the active window, within the client, on the Terminal server clipboard (provides the same functionality as pressing Alt+PrtScn on a local computer). Maximize or minimize active windows vertically while maintaining width. Stretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to open, close and otherwise control … Keyboard shortcuts make our life a lot easier. Open another instance of the app in number position in the taskbar. Ctrl + arrow key (to move to an item) + Spacebar. Restore minimized windows on the desktop. Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; If you use Command Prompt, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to work a little more efficiently. Win + S - Opens Cortana search bar in keyboard input mode. I am unable to use any keyboard shortcuts on my Windows 10 (latest version) Gateways laptop. General Use Shortcuts. If the command line is empty, move the viewport to the top of the buffer. With Windows 10, Microsoft has added a ton of new keyboard shortcuts to give you easier access to the new Action Center, Cortana, Task View, and virtual desktops. Recently it has also introduced a cheat sheet that would further boost up your technical skills. Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts list for CMD, Dialog boxes, File Explorer, Continuum, Surface Hub, Ease of Access, Settings, Store Apps, Virtual, etc.

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