It is characteristic of London that St Paul's Cathedral (q.v.) Flexible track lighting: The actual track on these systems come with flexible track that can be bent into shapes like winding "S", "C" or "U" shapes. In the cradle of the Rocky Mountains, sprawled out like a giant picnic over the foothills, Calgary has the beautiful Bow River winding through its core. Or consider using a landscape sticker, such as a winding road, beach scene or mountain landscape, as your border, even if you don't use it on all four sides of the page. It nowhere rises into peaks, and only a few of its rounded summits reach 3000 ft.; the successive hills form a continuous comb; the north-west slopes are precipitous and seamed with winding gorges. Use edible paint to create a winding black staircase around the cake tiers. a twisting or curving path with many turns. They emerged from the shadow world and stood on a narrow, winding road. Guests can leisurely float along the winding three-foot deep river on inflatable tubes. Outside this again lies a projecting semicircular bastion, which commands the entrance from the exterior of the city on the E., a winding trench approached by a pair of double gateways, which are not vaulted but covered by the gradual projection of the upper courses. The western country is more open, with isolated mountain-groups and winding valleys, where the Alpheus with its tributaries the Ladon and Erymanthus drains off in a complex river-system the overflow from all Arcadia. Hence the rivers that flow in the opposite direction into the Adriatic and the Gulf of Taranto have much longer courses, though all partake of the character of mountain torrents, rushing down with great violence in winter and after storms, but dwindling in the summer into scanty streams, which hold a winding and sluggish course through the great plains of Apulia. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Many people enjoy viewing tall pine forests and winding trails when going out to cross country ski. The drive along the winding coast road is not for the faint-hearted. Near its mouth, the Xingu expands into an immense lake, and its waters then mingle with those of the Amazon through a labyrinth of canos (natural canals), winding in countless directions through a wooded archipelago. Either way, you run the risk of winding up with invitations that look much like those from everyone else. A simple but striking style, mixing romance and elegance, is to braid your hair in a number of micro braids and then twist them together before winding them all around the top of your head. and near the Joist meridian re-enters British territory, after receiving the waters of the Riviere des Lacs and other small streams. Getting there requires driving up a winding road, which in the morning is likely to be covered in mist. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The internal streets of the town are so winding and narrow that there is not room for a carriage to pass, and it is difficult to penetrate them even on horseback. She stared at him, her insides winding into a tight ball. He utilized his father's engineers in the construction of a path or gallery winding up round the Sigiri rock. Many roads that go up mountains are winding roads, since they must twist around the mountain to get to the top. This means that it is self winding and will wind itself throughout the day (it will not wind during periods of inactivity). Rarely are children's birthday events hosted in the evening, as most kids are tired and winding down for bed. Screws.The figure of a screw is that of a convex or concave cylinder, with one or more helical projections, called threads, winding round it. 193+8 sentence examples: 1. 193+8 sentence examples: 1. NOVAYA ZEMLYA (Nova Zembla, " new land"), an Arctic land off the coast of European Russia, to which it belongs, consisting of two large islands separated by a narrow winding channel, the Matochkin Shar. It was reached by the " rood stair," a small winding stair or " vice.". The way in which something is wound. The path was endless, constantly winding downward in a spiral. In the second half, we knew time was winding down. at the base, and rising steeply in five terraces to the height of 86 ft., showed conspicuously to the city the long processions of priests and victims winding along the terraces and up to corner flights of steps. Once kids are winding down for the night, host a Harry Potter marathon by showing several of the movies until everyone is asleep. VIN 376 Price is £ 75 or US $ 145 Lemania Hand Wound chronograph sold Good condition Lemania manual winding chronograph wristwatch. It's difficult to see winding in a sentence . The streets are of course narrow and winding; but the houses are well built of stone. The Trinidadian favoured long chapters and winding sentences. The engines used for winding or hoisting in collieries are usually direct-acting with a pair of horizontal cylinders coupled directly to the drum shaft. - in the southern part of Morris county - it pursues a winding north-easterly course, passing through a gap in the trap rock at Little Falls, and by means of a cascade and a mile of rapids descends 40 ft. There was a winding cobbled street ahead of us, and a stall selling oranges. 4. The whole site of Venice is dominated by the existence of one great main canal, the Grand Canal, which, winding through the town in the shape of the letter S, divides it into two equal parts. The coils of the electromagnets are differentially wound with silk-covered wire, 4 mils (= 004 inch) in diameter, to a total resistance of 400 ohms. He managed to get a slow-moving truck between them on a winding road and nearly lost them until the road widened near Scranton. If someone were to ask you, "What is the main verb in a sentence?" These rivers flow into the sea through numerous winding channels, forming a delta united by canals to that of the Mekong. To the northwest of the theatre a winding road ascends through the rock, with comparatively late tomb chambers on each side of it. The headwaters of the rivers are for the most part mountain streams or elevated lakes; farther on their swift and winding currents - flowing sometimes between wide intervales, sometimes between rocky banks - are marked by numerous falls and fed by lakes. When people think of Tuscany, they envision sprawling vineyards: rows of vines, sculpted cypress trees, rambling stone walls, winding dirt roads, weathered farmhouses, moss covered villas, blue skies and bright sun. Most watches now come with batteries and this saves the fiddly winding up of the watch and ensures accurate time keeping. Firstly, the primary winding must be able to withstand the peak primary voltage across the number of turns which are utilized. Yet it fails to reach the coast, and after a winding course of about Soo m. The landscape, with its mysterious spiry mountains and winding waters, is very Leonardesque both in this picture and in another contemporary product of the workshop, or as some think of Leonardo's hand, namely a very highly and coldly finished small "Madonna with a Pink" at Munich.

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