Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) is an academic construct that represents an intriguing idea. pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) to include technology knowledge. the importance of PCK. Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) is the blending or amalgamation of pedagogy and subject content knowledge and was introduced by Shulman in the 80’s. According to him, PCK was not something new because even as early as in the 1950’s, both content … INTRODUCTION. pedagogical content knowledge. The development of TPACK by teachers is critical to effective teaching with technology. Its the specialised knowledge of teachers in creating and facilitating effective teaching and learning environments for all students, independent of subject matter Improving student outcomes depends on improving the quality of the teaching workforce and the quality of teaching. The above quote addresses the exact reason why it is so important that teachers have an in depth background knowledge of the content being taught to their students. Empirical research tells us that teacher quality is an important factor in determining gains in student… Although the term pedagogical content knowledge is widely used, its potential has been only thinly developed. The importance of pedagogical content knowledge in assessment for learning practices: A case-study of a whole-school approach. Keywords: Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), Teaching, Subject Matter Knowledge, Pedagogy . The paper begins with a brief introduction to the complex, ill- structured nature of teaching. Many seem to assume that its nature and content are obvious. PCK is knowing what, when, why, and how to teach using a reservoir of knowledge of good teaching practice and experience. It is an idea rooted in the belief that teaching requires considerably more than delivering subject content knowledge to students, and that student learning is considerably more than absorbing information for later accurate regurgitation. He distinguished between content as it is studied and learned in disciplinary settings and the “special amalgam of content and pedagogy” needed for teaching the subject. These ideas had a major impact on the research community, immediately focusing attention on the foundational importance of content knowledge in There is also appreciation of the intimate relation between sense making and the activity 1 The two authors had an equal contribution in writing this paper. Importance of teachers’ content knowledge of reasoning and proving There is growing appreciation of the idea that doing and knowing mathematics is a sense-making activity, that is, activity characterized by meaningful learning. Yet what is meant by pedagogical content knowledge is underspecified. This kind of understanding provides a foundation for pedagogical content knowledge that enables teachers to make ideas accessible to others” (Shulman, 1987). pedagogical content knowledge, reporting new progress on the nature of content knowledge for teaching. Pedagogical content knowledge is an accumulation of common elements; • Knowledge of subject matter • Knowledge of students and possible misconceptions • Knowledge of curricula • Knowledge of general pedagogy.

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