The culinary world whipped up “salads” containing exactly zero lettuce, Kraft began selling a pistachio-flavored Jell-O for the first time, and the nation was experiencing its very first presidential resignation. Watergate Salad is one such mystery. Watergate Salad: A Fluffy Green Bite Of Washington, D.C.'s Past : The Salt Thirty years ago, if you walked into a deli in Washington, D.C., you might find a dish called "Watergate Salad." It's like Sock it to Me cake or other dishes named for things that were going on in that era. Watergate Salad is a rather strange dish; it’s a relic of the mid-1970s, when instant gelatin was still a new invention. It was called Pistachio-Pineapple salad first and was marketed as a way to use the new Pistachio Jello pudding. Or why so many include Jell-O, pudding mix, Cool Whip, or all three (the chilled, sugary trifecta). Because it was created and became popular at the same time of the Nixon Watergate scandal and the name just stuck. The salad has been around since the 1950's but someone decided to name it Watergate in the 1960's because it was full of nuts.

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