The material of the heating element for a furnace should have. Lower melting point. Sodium (located in the third period of the periodic table) has a principle quantum number (n) of 9.6 grams of an unknown gas occupies 800 ml at 2.5 atm and negative 191.7 degrees C. Identify the gas from the following possibilities: Hydrogen, meth … Metals are highly important in making electronics as they are good conductors of electricity. In particular, diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material. The value of thermal conductivity for most gases and vapors range between 0.01 and 0.03 W/mK at room temperature. thermal conductivity thermal diffusivity density dynamic viscosity ⇒ The emissive power of a body depends upon its. Which substance has the highest thermal conductivity? ; Compare to liquids, solids have a greater thermal conductivity. D. All of the above. 2.2 Silver There are several ways to measure thermal conductivity; each is suitable for a limited range of materials. Copper and aluminium have the highest heat conductivity .7 Oct 2017 What is the most conductive gas? Explanation: Thermal conductivity of ice is 2.22W/mk. Which of the following has the highest value of thermal conductivity? ; Viscosity, density, molecular weight, etc are a some parameters influencing the thermal conductivity. Diamond is commonly used in electronics for heat dispersion to protect sensitive devices from overheating. _____ has the highest value of thermal conductivity. a) Water b) Steam c) Solid ice d) Melting ice. The highest thermal conductivity value for metals are found in Silver (-429 W/m•K), Copper (-398 W/m•K) and Gold (-315 W/m•K). The material of the heating element for a furnace should have. A. C. High specific resistance. Lower melting point. Solid ice has the highest thermal conductivity. B. a) Copper b) Aluminium c) Brass d) Steel _____ has the highest value of thermal conductivity. B. Option (A) is correct. Their high thermal conductivity values can also be used to detect the authenticity of diamonds in jewelry. Compare to traditional polymer, thermal conductivity of solid ice is one order high. Notable exceptions are Helium (0.15) and Hydrogen (0.18).1 Sep 1998 Which metal […] C. High specific resistance. This thermal conductivity value is almost 5x’s higher than silver which has the second highest conductivity value. This trend is due largely to differences in intermolecular spacing for the two states of matter. In general, the thermal conductivity of a solid is larger than that of a liquid, which is larger than that of a gas. A. Higher temperature coefficient. temperature physical nature wave length all of these ⇒ The most commonly used method for the design of duct size is the. velocity reduction method equal friction method Higher temperature coefficient.

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