With over 700 varieties of seeds that are optimized to grow well in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, it’s no wonder this Virginia company is a regional favorite. Shop and grow vegetable seeds and plants perfect for your home garden. Find the perfect garden seeds for your allotment, herb or indoor garden. Another major perk? She shares a cozy midcentury fixer-upper with her fiancé, her cat, and approximately eight bazillion books. Because of their size and direct-to-consumer model, Direct Growing is able to offer all of these high-quality products at some of the most competitive and affordable prices around. This seed distributor varies from others on the list, since it is actually a non-profit seed conservation. ", "All plants ship out according to your zone’s growing season to eliminate any guesswork. The best bit? But if you want to grow a garden that’s a cut above, you’ll need to go online. Boasting impossible-to-find gems such as the hot orange Jaune Flamme tomato, the delicately-scented Queen Anne’s Pocket melon, and the bizarre (but delicious) Jelly Melon cucumber, Seed Savers Exchange will delight adventurous gardeners and plain old tasty veggie fans alike. Prize winning tomatoes, peppers, beans and heirloom vegetables from Burpee.com. )—perfect for gifting to the avid gardener or art lover in your life. ", "If any item you purchased does not live, the company will replace it at no cost to you. Discover our popular vegetable seeds. Whether it be for your Spring garden or Autumn garden, Mr. Fothergill's has you covered with over 250 + vegetable seed varieties to choose from. Additionally, all seeds are non-GMO (not genetically modified) to ensure purity and quality. Becoming a member will even get you access to the Seed Savers community exchange boards, where gardeners and farmers from around the world trade rare seeds for nothing but the cost of shipping. Although the Burpee seed catalog doesn’t boast a wide array of exotic varieties, they’ve hit the mark on offering a range of solid gardener favorites since 1881. Take the Dive: Build and Maintain Your Own Swimming Pool, How to Turn Your Backyard into A Private Wildlife Sanctuary, Landscaping Q&A: What Every Homeowner Should Know, The 6 Best Places to Buy Garden Seeds Online, How to Find Your Property Lines (And Why You Need to Know Them), 6 Ways To Warm Up The Living Room Without Turning Up The Heat, Hire Monterey Park Security And Alarm Technicians Contractors, The 10 Best Remodeling Contractors in Apple Valley, CA 2019, Hire Yorba Linda Home Automation Specialists Contractors. Should you DIY or Hire a Pro for your Flooring Project? Hire Banning Security And Alarm Technicians Contractors, Window Replacement & Installation Company In Corcoran, Hire Lincoln Home Automation Specialists Contractors, The 10 Best Window Installers in Lincoln, CA 2019, Porch Data Reveals the Top 10 Pool-Loving States, 6 Ways to Tell If Your Foundation Needs Fixing, How To File For A Deck Construction Permit. A relative newcomer on the scene—started in 2004 as a local seed library; later going online in 2008—but a popular choice nonetheless. Whether you’re in the market for organic vegetables, native plants, or that perfect shade of peony for your cutting garden, these shops are where you’ll find what you’re looking for. But what sets this company apart is their garden planning service. This California company offers a vast selection of heirloom, organic and hybrid varieties, making it popular among conventional and organic gardeners alike. Curly Kale – Packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants; Lettuce. Follow Jacqui on Twitter at @JacquiLeeLu. Watching your garden grow is both exciting and fulfilling. She is a former RealSimple.com editor whose work has also appeared on Apartment Therapy, Reviewed, and more. To find out where to buy vegetable seeds follow the links below: Kale & Spinach. The company also sells a larger selection of tools and supplies than other online seed companies. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Whether planting a few vegetables for your own home use, getting into a fun science project, selling at market or creating a cash crop, we have a large selection of open-pollinated seeds to choose from, including heirloom vegetable seeds. Territorial Seed Company is another local favorite, with an array of varieties optimized to succeed in the Northwest, as well as a great selection of plants that do well nationally. They also offer a wide variety of tomato seedlings that arrive at your door ready to plant in the ground. ", "All of the proceeds go towards preserving native agriculture in the Southwest.". Choose from hundreds of vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds—staples like tomatoes and parsley, as well as heirloom varieties like rainbow carrots and gold watermelon. And all of the products are non-GMO, plus the retailer has a more comprehensive selection of organic seeds than the competition. The company has a rewards program for loyal customers. Jacqui Adams is a writer and editor living in Seattle. ", Hudson Valley Seed Co. at hudsonvalleyseed.com, "They're known for their non-GMO, heirloom, and open-pollinated garden seeds. As one of the largest distributors of gardening products online, Direct Growing offers a wide range of quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs, and supplies. The retailer has a vast selection of seeds (and plants) available for all growing zones and for all seasons. Content Marketing Specialist, Porch.com. Like other seed distributors, Michigan Bulb Co. offers a very wide selection of products for your gardening needs. Each and every product Burpee sells is guaranteed, so you can feel confident in your purchase. Burpee’s seeds can be counted on to get the highest yield and have the best resistance to disease, which makes them ideal for beginner gardeners and seasoned pros alike. Plant selection is vast—from edibles like fruit and vegetables to perennials and bulbs, to trees and shrubs, to vines and climbers—this distributor really does have it all. We sell seeds from the world's top growers of giant vegetables and flowers. True Leaf Market’s claim to fame is its expansive selection of seeds: garden, microgreens, sprouts, flower, grain, cover crop, and more. As America's oldest supplier of vegetable and flower seeds, Burpee has been a staple in the seed market since 1881—long before the advent of the Internet. Alternatively, you can purchase a wide array of flower seeds, from fast-growing zinnias to perennial tulip bulbs. Plant Good Seed Company All of the seeds—vegetable, flower, and herb included—are certified organic at the Southern California-based Plant Good Seed Company. Bring your garden to the next level with these top-notch sources for rare, heirloom, and high quality seeds. Vegetable Seeds. You can find a variety of seeds at your local hardware store. Bring your garden to the next level with these top-notch sources for rare, heirloom, and high quality seeds. 100% certified organic seed at Seeds of Change means that you can shop confidently for your organic garden, without having to worry about pesticide residues or GMOs. ", "Their garden planning service is especially helpful for beginners. Will you be trying anything new? Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time to buy seeds for your garden. And, perhaps, the best part of it all? There’s also a sustainable community component since Native Americans can order up to 10 free seed packets per year to continue growing. Celtuce lettuce – Ideal for Asian / Chinese recipes. Buy Premium Quality Vegetable Seeds in Bulk GMO-Free. Where to buy plant seeds online in the Philippines Discover your green thumb when you nurture a few flower or vegetable seeds from these top shops. Brigitt Earley is a lifestyle writer who covers home decor and gifts for The Spruce. All of the company’s products are also backed by a full guarantee, so you can experiment to your heart’s content. Still, they offer a no-risk guarantee that entitles you to a credit, should something happen to you grow. All of Territorial’s products are backed by a full guarantee, so you can fearlessly attempt the newest varieties of carrots, lettuces, and tomatoes. While there is a wide range of seeds to shop from 50 Native American communities—from fruits and vegetables to wildflowers, to cotton and tobacco—all of the proceeds go towards preserving native agriculture in the Southwest. Fact checked. The 7 Best Places to Buy Flower Bulbs Online in 2020, The 6 Best Gardening Subscription Boxes of 2020, How to Request a Free Burpee Seed Catalog, The 8 Best Places to Buy Curtains in 2020, Difference Between Heirloom, Hybrid, and GMO Vegetables, The 10 Best Places to Buy Pillows in 2020, Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, and Hybrid Seeds, The 8 Best Places to Buy Patio Furniture in 2020, The 13 Best Places to Buy a Mattress in 2020, The 8 Best Places to Buy a Refrigerator in 2020, The 8 Best Places to Buy Holiday Cards of 2020. The best part: the site lists detailed growing instructions for each variety on its website, so you can remember how far apart to plant your seedlings without having to keep track of those pesky little seed packets.

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