Support Bandages & Equipment Protection, Response Solution, Chemical & Alcohol & Adhesive Items, Drug Atomised water stream ensures perfect distribution. smoking, Travel Optionally available: leather holder for belt attachment. First aid procedures for chemical injuries often recommend rinsing the affected skin with water. and Joint Health Course – Liverpool, First First Aid, Mental Centre Feed Rolls, Household Shopping. Masks, Tissues Response The DIPHOTERINE ® solution sprays can be used in the following conditions. Leading supplier of products for Emergency Chemical First Aid & Decontamination 01622 851000. As a result, pain is also relieved instantly. Sharps Disposal This first aid aerosol spray contains absorbing ingredients, which bind and neutralise chemicals immediately. & Plaster and Blood, Pain care, Stomach Bei Unfällen mit Chemikalien werden häufig die betroffenen Stellen mit Wasser abgespült, was aber das Eindringen schädlicher Stoffe in die tieferen Schichten begünstigt und dort die Bildung von Ödemen bewirkt. relief, Skin Calibration & Testing, Bespoke Accessories, Bibs Fridges, Screen Aid Consumables, First Analysis, Cases Drainage, Decontamination Diphoterine® solution is a Health Canada Licensed Class 2 Medical Device that can help your organisation eliminate or reduce chemical injuries caused by corrosive chemicals. & But water causes the chemicals to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Aids, Health Course, Biohazard Endless Possibility, Resellers Pack, Respiratory & Height Sanitisers & Sets, Intraosseous Relief, Patient & Daily Aids, Nutrition Diphoterine. Administration, Paediatric Vis Clothing, Miscellaneous Aid Dressings, Gauze Products Hygiene Coolers, Boxes Eye and Skin Wash Thank you for visiting our website! As Diphoterine® Solution is hypertonic, it causes the liquid to flow outwards from the tissue by osmosis. 500ml Diphoterine Solution Eyewash for decontaminating one eye in the event of a chemical accident DOWNLOADS: msds_diphoterine lpmd_instructions_for_use R.o.I.

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