Ingredients: cooked chickpeas (chickpeas, water), sugar, cocoa, water, canola oil, sea salt, natural flavor, vanilla extract, nisin (added to preserve … It was a Sunday afternoon and the kids and Mr. Crumbs were eating lunch. Now, if you are over dipping veggie sticks or pita in hummus, you absolutely must try some of these recipes using hummus. Dessert hummus is made from a base of chickpeas, much like regular hummus, but also features sweeter, dessert-like ingredients (cocoa powder, peppermint oil, vanilla extract, and honey) … It’s also chocolate gone right. It’s hummus gone rogue. NOURISH BOWL with hummus, black-eyed peas, sweet potato, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and avo, by @thecuttingveg. It’s also so easy to make from scratch with just a few key ingredients: a can of chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans); a chocolate … Strawberries: Nothing is more decedent than strawberries dipped in our sweet flavors. Try these for dipping: Sliced apples; Dates; Dried apricots; Or if you want to get really crazy, whip up a batch of chocolate hummus … Chocolate hummus is so decadent – like a rich chocolate mousse! 12. Make hummus the centerpiece of your fruit plate since there’s something about the sweet and savory combo that just works. These foods to dip in hummus are best when dipped into our chocolate or dark chocolate flavors. Dip in our Dark Chocolate … I had already finished and while I was … Brownies: Double the chocolate, double the delicious. 25 creative vegan recipes to eat hummus. CHOCOLATE CHERRY “NICE CREAM” BOWL with Dark Chocolate hummus… 13. I distinctly remember when the idea to make chocolate hummus hit me. Think: chocolate fondue fountain, but for every day. We called all of our food blogger friends to collect for you 25 delicious and creative recipes to eat hummus … POWER BOWL with humus, salmon, buckwheat, avo, sauerkraut, and broccoli, by @berryavolicious.

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