It can go anywhere. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all formula to find the ideal sofa for a living room, interior decorators rely on nothing more than a tape measure and an innate sense of proportion. How to Decide the Size of a Sofa in the Living Room. Selecting a new sofa is an exercise in color, style and personal aesthetics -- and the size of the sofa. Sofa Dimensions Vs. Room Size. Inexpensive: For under $300, you can find a simple sectional sofa with two cushions and a chaise. The death of the sofa which is the measurement from the seat cushion to the back is usually 37in to 40in. Sectional sofas range in price from less than $300 to more than $2,000, depending on size, features, and quality.. Like most IKEA couches, the piece is firm but comfortable, providing a solid, crisp place to crash for that next Netflix binge. Depending on their size, sectionals can offer room for several more people to sit than a conventional sofa can. At this price, most fabrics are microfiber or some kind of synthetic like vinyl. Sectionals can really help maximize seating options in smaller spaces, especially when placed in … If this is the case, you should either place them in large rooms, or you should pair them with a small coffee table like the Furinno 11179EX, … Sectional sofa prices. Proportion and scale dictate how well your couch will look in the room and in relation to other objects. A sectional sofa is great for homes with open floor plans because it can help give shape and separation to the space. The Mercury Row Morpheus Sectional is the perfect size for apartments and small homes, as it has a unique reversible design that uses an ottoman to support its chaise. There are a few common dimensions for sectional sofas or sofa with a chaise. A sofas can be one of your biggest furniture investments -- both financially and in the impact it … 2 – The size of your sectional sofa. A sofa should never block off any unique architectural features like windows, fireplaces, or built-in shelving. It can help define the living room zone versus the dining room zone. Most people think that sectionals can work only in large rooms—but that’s not so. The most common dimension for a chais lounge type sectional would be a length of 78in to 88in. This sectional is just 82.5 inches wide, and it comes in more than a dozen colors, including vibrant … Besides a loveseat, you can also get this as a sofa, sectional, armchair or ottoman so if space allows you can add more pieces. One reviewer notes that the couch is very deep, with plenty of room for custom throw pillows. It is common knowledge that most of the sectional sofas are large and take up much space.

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