Anonymous. Hence, in order to get the conjugate base of a species, we should consider that substance as an acid and vice versa. a) NH 3 b) H 2 O c) H 2 d)HC (triple bond) CH e)CH 3 OH f) H 3 O + Lancenigo di Villorba (TV), Italy 1-What is the conjugate base of Zn(H2O)^2+ ??? H+ + HSO4- ==> H2SO4. If you use just H+ then you do not get the type of equation which can go both ways. According to this theory, the species that donates a hydrogen cation or proton in a reaction is a conjugate acid, while the remaining portion or the one that accepts a proton or hydrogen is the conjugate base. The conjugate base of bicarbonate, HCO 3- is carbonate, CO3 2-.. HCO3- is a conjugate acid, H 2 CO 3 THIS QUESTION CONCERNS IDEAs ABOUT "Conjugated Acid" OR "Conjugated Base". For example, H 2 S O 4 → H S O 4 − + H + The conjugate base may be recognized as an anion. Conjugate acids and bases are part of the Bronsted-Lowry theory of acids and bases. If you call the H+ H3O+ instead, then the conjugate base of the H3O+ ion is H2O. What is the conjugate base of each the following acids? Expert Answer 100% (5 ratings) Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg. c. HCO3-: conjugate acid: H2CO3, formed by accepting a proton. What is the conjugate base of [Fe(H2O)6]3+(aq)? 0 0. The conjugate base is H2O if you consider H3O+ to be the equivalent of H+ . conjugate base: CO32-, formed by releasing a proton. conjugate base: 02-, formed by releasing a proton b. H2O: conjugate acid: H3O+, formed by accepting a proton. conjugate base: OH-, formed by releasing a proton. In this example, that conjugate base is the nitrate. Question: What Is The Conjugate Base Of Each The Following Acids? In most cases, the acid molecule that remains after losing a hydrogen ion is an acid's conjugate base. A) NH3 B) H2O C) H2 D)HC (triple Bond) CH E)CH3OH F) H3O+ This problem has been solved! ONCE YOU LOOK FOR "Conjugated Base's Zn(H2O)++" THEN YOU HAVE TO ASSUME THAT "Zn(H2O)++" LACKS SOME HYDROGEN IONs ONCE IT MEETS WATER WHICH PLAYS LIKE A BASE. To conjugate an acid, it is necessary to place it in water to create a chemical reaction with the H2O molecules. See the answer. 8 years ago.

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