Post by lindsayh » March 23rd, 2017, 11:59 am 500m is a different beast and apart from fitness and strength you have to have a lot of fast twitchers as well so whilst 1:30 is ok (and better than that in some age/weight groups) sub 1:20 is much less common and requires much more than just trying harder. The problem is most beginner rowers have as little control over this number as they do the stroke rate. For example, if you want to know how far you'll go in 7 minutes with a split time of 1'38", Type 1 in the Split Minutes field, 38 in the Split Seconds Field, and 7 in the Total Time Minutes field. Whether in a boat or on the indoor rowing machine, the 500m split is an expression of a rowers’ speed relative to a distance of 500m. I've looked at the rankings, but even when adjusted for age, I suspect they are skewed for competitors, gym rats, and rowing has-beens. The “catch” is the point where if you were out on the water, your paddle would break the surface as you begin the power phase. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It comes down to familiarizing yourself with that number in the middle of the screen: Your split time. After rowing for 500 meters, check your time. Then when I look at the memory on their machine after their piece, sure enough they rowed the first 400 meters at a 1:45 split, and by the final 400 meters they were dogging it at a 2:20 split. our posture). where pace is time in seconds over distance in meters. Second, your focus shifts from leg drive to maintaining a fast motion. Be Merciless About Your Technique – Bad rowing technique is never good but done poorly, a row of this distance could have serious repercussions. While this is partially true (keep reading), it neglects a critical element – the setup (i.e. Xeno Müller, Elite Rowing Coach, Brown … Review our video on the basics of the rowing stroke, watch an expert row, and … And fourth, don’t let the knees flair! This however takes a lot of training to get to for most people. That the opinions don’t often agree w… Thanks-[/quote] If you were a rower you would want to do a 2k with a sub 7 time. Use your 500-meter average pace as your reference pace. Getting started? At the end of the day, your pace is your pace and your current fitness level is your current fitness level, BUT tinkering with your speed within reason is worth considering when the row is in calories. Each time you do a 20:00 time trial record your total meters rowed and calculate your average pace per 500 meters. If your legs want to fly open, you are possibly not getting enough flex through your ankles. I'm really bad on an erg and my split times are terrible. Justin Miller … A FASTER ROWING SPLIT TIME: 4 TIPS YOU CAN’T FORGET! Like most important things in life, getting your split time low (and keeping it there) can be challenging. Also it was rate 24. Review our video on the basics of the rowing stroke, watch an expert row, and … The all-important leg drive will start through the balls of our feet, before shifting to our heels. Well, Sub 1.35 is considered a very good timing. 10K is extremely challenging due to its length. Now we get to the magic! Similarly, let’s say you’re doing a workout of 3 rounds of 400-meter run and 400-meter row. Years of analysis and experience show that successful junior women rowers are coached differently then the common male-centric training method. I'm 20, I've been rowing for 8 years, I was spare pair for the Cambridge Lightweights last year and I have a pb of 6:46.2 (which I set when I was 17). Anyone have a good routine on a rowing machine? By Leave a Comment. 0 0. newmie01. For strong varsity eight crews racing in the spring during championship season, a good rowing pace in the middle of the race piece ranges from 32 strokes per minute to 38 strokes per minute, with sprints at the start and finish going up into the 40s. The humble rowing machine for a time found itself relegated along with the zumba class in the gym graveyard (or gathering dust in your home). The question of nailing down the first time anyone clocked a rower over 500m may be as old as the metric system itself – coincidentally about as old as the modern sport of rowing. Because they’re not paying attention to their speed at all, or have no clue what speed they should be holding even if they did. Work on figuring out what a CONSISTENT sprinting speed for 500 meters feels first and foremost. Third, MAKE SURE AND FULLY EXTEND THOSE LEGS! Its for calculating equivalent pulling power in a real boat. When you begin your leg explosion, your heels should be off the board. We accomplish this first by making sure we start in the right position. Step 3: Establish your baseline power output by rowing one 2,000m. As we have already discussed in our second point above, a full, strong leg drive is critically important to dropping that split time. So you can see that there is a big difference between average times it will take different individuals to complete the same amount of distance on the rowing machine. Consistent means each 100 meters of your 500-meter piece was within two to three splits of one another.

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