3 Favourites. All this seems to indicate that there is a confluence of factors, both environmental and biological, at work here and that, in the end, we may not be able to pinpoint one exact reason why these patterns exist. While it is easy to attribute this to the long-held assumption that colder temperatures lead us to find warmth in physical intimacy, possible scientific explanations are a bit more complex. And get rid of the monthly visit from Aunt Flo. For example, a comprehensive analysis of human birth seasonality published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B concluded that peak birth months occur later in the year the farther south you travel, as clearly seen in the graph below. Well, if you read the description it only would affect everyone at 18 and above, so not all humans are affected and the older you get, the less powerful this mating season becomes. To create the heat map above, we filtered the latest UN data on live births by month to obtain figures between 2000 and 2015 (which is the time period with the greatest amount of data for all countries listed). All that goes out of the window. Its partly why humans evolved to have such a low probabilty of pregnancy and why women have breasts (a secondary sexual characteristic) throughout their post puberty life instead of just when breastfeeding like most mammals. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As you move down the list of countries, ordered from highest to lowest latitude, you can clearly observe that the peak birth months shift farther and farther to the right, occurring later in the year. When this data is translated into dates of conception, using a 40-week gestation period, we also see that the peak time for baby making is October in high-latitude countries such as Russia, Norway, Finland and Denmark, as seen in the graphic below made with Visme. While humans can mate all year long, other female mammals have an estrous cycle. This is when they're “in heat." At the bottom of the list are the countries in the Southern hemisphere, which register the highest average number of births per day occurring between March and May. What we can know for sure is that even though it appears humans may have a quasi-mating season, it is not really a true one as women are receptive to sex year-round and ovulate every 28 days, not annually. This way, the color-coded visualization would allow for easy comparisons across countries and hemispheres. Do you think other external factors besides climate and season are involved? Holiday Season = Mating Season? Otherwise, the vast disparities between live birth numbers from one country to another would generate a color scale too broad in scope that would not allow for quick visual comparisons by viewers. I could go on. What if humans had a ''Mating Season''? For while we use to see lots of birth 9 months after June(June brides). A … Agriculture would be less necessary so no cities. Transformers in Computer Vision: Farewell Convolutions! Make learning your daily ritual. Being pregnant during the summer is very uncomfortable so if the mating season was during those hot months that would mean women wouldn't have to worry about a big belly through the hot months. By JokuSSJ Watch. The mating dance involves chocolate, desperation, and guilt. Secondly, in the mating season, hormonal urges trump common sense, even when sex is painful (e.g. This heat map created by Visme, based on the latest UN data on live births, reveals a surprising link not only between peak birth months and seasons, but also between peak birth months and latitude (which is the distance north or south of the equator, measured in degrees): Do you notice a consistent pattern across high-latitude countries in the Northern hemisphere? Humans have a mating season, it happens to be the whole year... A lot more people would share the same birthday. cats) animals will seek out mates. Body odor, tone of voice, and even facial attractiveness all fluctuate according to a woman's fertility. Very likely long time ago humans may have had the mating season.

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