2020 is the year of the brunette and while we adore every shade of brown under the sun, there’s something really special about ash brown hair. Ask your colorist for a few cool-toned blonde highlights to add dimension and movement to your base color. Embrace your inner winter queen with a snowy blend of silver, light brown ash, and blonde. Hunting for a hair color that’s infinitely wearable? The shade is a true ash brown that flatters light and medium skin tones—not to mention the matte finish we’ve seen in fashion editorials. If you’re a daily washer, skip a day or two and keep your strands grease free with a dry shampoo like Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo. The new Ash Browns create such a soft, neutral brown with richness and shine. Code: FRIDAY. Once you have an ash brown hue that you love, you’re going to want to make sure you do everything in your power to ensure it stays looking its best. This two-in-one strengthening hair mask is both a treatment and care extender designed specifically for your damaged hair. If you’ve been looking to experiment with pastel colors, gray, or silver, silver ash brown is an excellent choice. Ash hair color runs very cool, so it’ll pull out the blue-gray notes in any head of hair. How long your ash brown hair color lasts depends on which color service you opt for. - 6:00p.m. The shampoo formula gently cleanses hair without stripping color while helping to maintain and tone your cool-toned brunette color. Like honey ash blonde, this shade is the perfect pick for ladies seeking the elusive beach babe look. Ultimately, coverage depends on the state of your hair as well as the kind of dye used. Switching from a ‘warm’ beige-ash blonde color, you can see the contrast to a very cool blue, ash-blonde look! While we’re firm believers in any hair color for any person, ash hair colors look particularly stunning on people with cool skin tones. Only your stylist can run their fingers through your hair and tell you exactly what it needs. In general, ash color highlights should belong in the same range as their base color as warm shades of copper or blonde don’t mesh together unless they are thin. Head to the salon for a hair gloss or use a shine serum like Pureology Hydrate Shine Max Hair Serum to give your ash brown hue a reflective, glossy finish. If gray coverage is your priority, ash brown hair is a great choice, particularly if you’re more interested in seamlessly blending your grays rather than total annihilation of every single silver hair on your head. Free samples with every order + Free shipping (Orders $39+)! Find a sweet spot between brunette and silver hair color with a look that seamlessly blends bright and dark ashy shades. Dark chocolate ash adds an additional level of intensity to the color. While we wouldn’t recommend this look for newbies who aren’t used to caring for very light hair, hair color veterans should be able to take it in stride. Think of ash brown hair as ash blonde’s darker, moodier sister. The finish is a modern take on ‘waves’, using the natural movement in the hair to create random ‘bends’ for added texture and lively movement. We tapped two of the best colorists in the game, Redken brand ambassador Cassondra Kaeding and Redken x Mizani brand ambassador Rachel Redd, to break down everything you need to know. Silver ash brown has all the depth and intensity of standard chocolate brown, but with a cool finish that makes it look fresh. If you’ve ever tried an ash hair color before, you know that they can turn brassy quickly—and ash brown is no exception. Regularly washing your hair is essential to the health of your mane, but cleansing too often can cause your color to fade prematurely. This lightweight dry shampoo will refresh your strands without any residue—your wash day secret is safe with us. Interested in trying ash brown hair? A lightweight, fragrance-free dry shampoo with an invisible finish. These well-placed streaks will add depth to your new shade. An essential color-depositing blue shampoo to tone and neutralize brassy orange tones in highlighted, balayaged, or natural brown hair. The time it takes for your color to fade will vary for each person, but expect the color to last about 20 washes. We’ve described ash brown as moody and cool-toned, but that doesn’t mean it needs to lack shine! If you’re starting with dark brown or black hair, your colorist will likely need to use bleach to achieve your chosen ash brown shade. Fact: A few blonde highlights accentuate any hair color, and ash brown is no exception! The color is a medium brown with hints of sweet, silky honey blonde and beige. Monday - Friday 9:00a.m. Honey ash is the perfect pick for you. The truth is, there’s a way to customize any hair color to suit you—as long as you find the right colorist. One of the newest hair colors to hit our trend radar is lilac ash, a combination of two styles we love. Read More >, Ash Brown Hair Is The Real Color MVP For Every Skin Tone, Hair.com & Powered By L’Oreal Professional Products Division, Extreme Strengthening Mega Hair Mask for Damaged Hair. If you’re hoping to make your ash brown hair dreams a reality, get ready to book an appointment with a Redken colorist ASAP. Mocha ash is a classic shade, one that flatters a variety of complexions with its red and gold notes. On loose waves, honey ash brown really makes a carefree statement. Although the shade suits a range of skin tones, we love the way it looks on pale skin. From mushroom brown to silvery shades, there’s a reason these cool-toned, chic hair colors have grown in popularity over the past few years. Dark Brown Ash. We find this shade incredibly flattering for medium and dark skin tones. One that looks put together, but never overdone? Not sure whether cool colors look good against your skin or will totally wash you out? This is where the expertise of a pro comes in. The pink-purple shade adds a whimsical, lighthearted touch to your mane. The brand just released new ash brown shades in their most popular formulas, Color Gels Lacquers and Cover Fusion Ash Browns, which provide 100 percent, ultra-cool gray coverage, and Shades EQ Gloss which neutralizes extreme brass and refreshes previous color. Unlike dark chocolate or honey brown, ash brown is a gray-leaning shade that will bring out the cool tones in your hair (which, of course, makes it best for women with cool or neutral skin tones). The new shade family delivers ultra-cool and rich results for brunettes who want to stay cool until their next color appointment and for stylists who want cool brunette results, without compromising on coverage. Call 1-877-340-8731 Where silver ash is deep and metallic, pewter ash brown is a matte shade that’s all inky gray and brown. Good hair day by @caidy_caidymariebeauty. It’s also a great choice for corrective color work when canceling out ‘hot roots’,” Redd says. The Ash Brown shade family makes it easy to find that balance, while creating the highly requested ash brown color trend,” Kaeding says. On fine or long hair, toffee ash can feel a little one-note. These colors just coat the surface of your strands, allowing them to fade over time. In that case, ask your stylist for strategic lowlights throughout the hair. EST or Contact Us GET IN TOUCH WITH US, An error occured on the server, please try later or contact the customer service, For the best experience, please turn your device, FREE 6-piece luxe gift with any order! Good hair day by @colorbymarina and @jamiedoesgoodhair. The process of achieving ash brown hair all depends on the hue you’re starting with. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause some damage, but your colorist will help to improve the look and feel of your hair before you leave the salon. When it’s applied and maintained correctly, this shade should be reflective and silky—basically, the equivalent of melted dark chocolate. If you’re looking for an ash brown shade that’s not quite as dramatic as its darker counterparts but still equally as gorgeous, opt for light brown ash. While you may find this color takes your stylist several appointments to achieve, the resulting look is multidimensional and beautifully reflective.

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