Applications missing transcripts by the deadline will not be considered for admission. The fall semester begins. Approximately three can be outstanding at the time of application and all must be completed in the spring semester/quarter prior to matriculation. Accept, deny, and waitlist notices will be posted to Applicant Portals by the end of January. Email: Fax: (617) 612-2051 Any of the above application materials sent directly to UC Davis cannot be attached to applications or returned to applicants. All submitted applications need to be verified by VMCAS, which can take up to four weeks. Veterinary School - Timeline It is important to create a timeline for yourself when applying to veterinary school; but perhaps more importantly, your timeline should be flexible. The top 180 applicants (approximately top 25% of CA applicants and 10% of non-resident applicants) are invited to interview. No enrollment deposit required. Make a Gift to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine - Social Media Hub, VIPERFacultyAlumniFuture Veterinary Medical CenterCampus Directory. The VMCAS application and eLORs are submitted electronically), VMCAS – TranscriptsP.O. Admitted students begin their on-campus orientation and first-year leadership experience. Any transcripts accidentally sent to UC Davis CANNOT be added or attached to applications. TMDSAS website The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required as part of the application process to the DVM Professional Program for the application cycle opening May 1, 2020. Review sending official transcripts to VMCAS for detailed instructions on all US, international, and study abroad transcripts. At the conclusion of the MMI interview process, all applicants will be ranked based on their MMI scores. At least 1 and half months prior to deadline you should make sure that all transcripts and eLORs have been received by VMCAS and application fees have been paid. Before I go into the application timeline, I’ll give some background info on the application platform. Paper applications are not available. MMIs are short, structured interviews used to assess personal traits/qualities. At least 2 and half months prior to the deadline, have all transcripts from EVERY institution you have attended sent to VMCAS. At least 2 months prior to the deadline you should be monitoring your VMCAS application for receipt of all transcripts and letters of recommendation (eLORs). August 31: Last date to take the GRE for 2020-2021 application cycle. Late-November: Interview offers and denied admission notices will be posted to Applicant Portals. Test at Home option temporarily available. Application Information The DVM program application process typically begins in late January with a deadline in mid September, a year prior to enrolling. GPA minimum, veterinary experience hours, one eLor from a vet) will not be considered for admission. December/January: MMI Interviews at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine The school will be conducting virtual interviews using CASPer instead of in person Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI’s). January 22: VMCAS 2020-2021 application is available, May 12: Colleges are available/applicants have the ability to submit applications in VMCAS. International students should review the international student requirements for additional VMCAS requirements. Transcripts If the deadline is near and you don’t see your scores posted, contact VMCAS and ETS directly. If your verified application is missing any application materials after the September 15 deadline, it will not be considered for admission, even if you have submitted a supplemental application. Application Instructions – Please read carefully. Specific course requirements are outlined in, The General GRE is required, which includes verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections. Transcripts should be submitted to VMCAS as soon as possible. No exceptions will be made, so please plan accordingly.GRE Mailing address (for transcripts only): P.O. The secondary application includes a personal statement (2,000 character limit) and the selection of which three eLors you want us to consider for your application. The UCD supplemental application is due October 15.Note: We do not begin to upload verified applications until mid-August, even if your application has been verified before this time. Student & Advisor Hotline: (617) 612-2884VMCAS Fax: (617) 612-2051VMCAS Email Address:, VMCAS Mailing Address for Transcripts:(Only Mail Transcripts! 240 applicants are invited to interview on the UC Davis campus in early December through Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). Each day will include the MMI circuit, school information presentations, tours of the facilities, and a pizza social. Of these 180 applicants, 60 are invited to interview. April 15, 2021 (or next business day if 15th falls on A weekend). will be conducting virtual interviews using, Academic Preparation & Prerequisite Courses, School of Veterinary Medicine Brochure (pdf), Academic Preparation & Prerequisites Courses, Review sending official transcripts to VMCAS, Submitting and Monitoring Your VMCAS Application, Veterinary programs will become available for students to select, Application must be submitted by 8:59 pm (PST), VMCAS can accept transcripts and score reports. Candidates select one of the four interview days. All other application materials (eLors, transcripts, etc.) Box 9126Watertown, MA 02471. Students may apply once they have completed 75% of the required prerequisites. At least 2 and half months prior to the deadline, have all transcripts from EVERY institution you have attended sent to VMCAS. The next 180 applicants (CA residents only) in rank order (based on the above factors) will be holistically reviewed by the School’s Admissions Committee. must be submitted to VMCAS. Your application is then processed, verified for accuracy, and sent to the veterinary medical schools you designate. This page uses Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy). An initial ranked list of the top candidates based on anticipated class size (offer admission) and then next candidates (waitlisted) will be discussed with the Dean. Deadline to submit both the VMCAS and UF Professional Application (supplemental). There is a general online application where you can apply to nearly all of the veterinary schools in the US, as well as schools in the islands. Note: Applications that reach the “verified” status may still be incomplete if other materials such as eLors or test scores are missing. Do not use the general UC Davis school code. August 15th is the VMCAS recommended deadline to submit a complete application. UFCVM 2020-2021 Applicant Timeline VMCAS Suggested Timeline At least 3 months prior to the deadline, have your letters of recommendation requested, and begin VMCAS application process. Course scheduling, extra-curricular activities, deadline changes, etc. Consider ordering a copy for yourself to… No late documents are accepted. Application Timeline If you are applying to a veterinary college for entrance next fall, the following is a general guideline which applies to the majority of veterinary colleges in theUnited States; however, make sure to check with your school’s deadlines. Supplemental sections can be accessed in mid-May. Use VMCAS school code 4804 to submit scores directly to VMCAS. More details on the process can be found in our FAQs. Once supplemental applications are submitted, they are reviewed to ensure they are a) complete and b) eligible. The application review will include: Veterinary and other animal experiences, research opportunities, VMCAS essay questions & UCD SVM personal statement, letters of recommendation, leadership and community service, education, life experiences, and motivation for a veterinary career. Approximately 150 students are offered admission and an additional 40-45 are offered a spot on the waitlist. Box 9126 Watertown, MA 02471. all contribute to the need of having flexibility in your timeline. Test date options: December 10 and January 12. The 2020 MMI dates are December 3, 4, 7, & 8. ; MAY 2020 Designate Veterinary Colleges May 12, 2020 SEPTEMBER 2020 VMCAS Application Deadline September 15, 2020- Electronic application submitted (including the embedded Cornell Supplemental section), official transcripts from all colleges attended, and all eLors Admission notifications emailed to selected applicants. Review Submitting and Monitoring Your VMCAS Application for more details. Complete the VMCAS by the deadline. National deadline for admitted students to accept or decline offers of admission. Review the minimum admissions requirements to ensure you’re eligible to apply. It can be up to a week to be emailed the supplemental application instructions. Class of 2025 January 2020 VMCAS Application goes live January 2020 .

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