Hea, ding out into Rome’s bustling morning rush hour, on board the latest addition to the Vespa range I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, It's very comfortable for daily commute as well as for long rides in weekends. With this new model in the stable, Piaggio hopes to regain its lost ground in India. It's been almost 2 years since i own this scooter. Underseat storage, bag hook, foldaway pillion pegs, centre stand and sidestand are all included no the GTS, as you'd expect. It was love at first sight when i saw the matt black colour vespa sxl 125. Vespa. Back then it was a two stroke traditional Vespa with four speed manual hand gear change. The Vespa Sprint isn’t a new name; in fact the original Sprint arrived in 1965. Is this the best all-round 125cc Vespa currently in production? This is my favourite 125cc retro scooter bar none. Motorcycle Review. The wide seat of the GTS is very comfy and is well suited to spending all day in the saddle. VAT no 918 5617 01 The Sprint is agile, easy to ride and makes an ideal city machine but can also be used for longer trips just as easily. Piaggio Vespa GTS300 review (2009-on) Owners' reviews for the PIAGGIO VESPA GTS125 (2007 - on) No owners have yet reviewed the PIAGGIO VESPA GTS125 (2007 - on). You get all the style and cool of an original Vespa, wrapped up in a package with modern reliability and running gear. The Sprint is a beautiful looking scooter but it’s also well executed and very practical. The Piaggio Group owns Vespa and Gielra, among others - so they know how to biuld a scooter. Getting away first from the traffic lights is a doddle, so don’t let size or power worry you too much. 845898), Piaggio Vespa Elettrica electric scooter (2019-on), Piaggio Vespa GTV300 Via Montenapolone (2010-on), Single-cylinder 4 stroke, 4 valve Piaggio unit with electronic injection and catalytic converter, Single arm, dual chamber hydraulic shock absorber with coaxial spring, Two dual effect shock absorbers with adjustable preload. Be the first to review the PIAGGIO VESPA GTS125 (2007 - on) on MCN, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 4 Vespa vxl 125 long-term ownership review 2 years ago by Yash Patil . Check out his review here. As a self-confessed Vespa nut it life doesn’t get much better…. If you're commute is primarily on busy city roads the engine and handling are spot on. Review: 2019 Vespa S 125. The Sprint may be smaller and lighter than its bigger sibling but it’s still a great-looking, fantastic, nippy scooter. It’s lighter than a GTS, quicker and easier to use than a PX and has a bit more style than the Primavera. The manufacturing process is state of the art, the chassis is arc welded by robots for precision and torsional rigidity is up by 36% for better handling characteristics. the large gts adopts the most technologically advanced engine: lively performance and contained fuel consumption thanks to very high efficiency. If only Piaggio would capitalise on their history by remaking some of the classic designs for the 21st century they’d be able to wipe out the plastic pretenders from China. Whilst we’re talking of practicalities the chassis has been lengthened to give more space between the seat and headstock, at 5’10” I still have almost a foot of space between my knees and the glovebox. The added weight over classic Vespas means the suspension deals with bumps instead of clattering over them, giving plenty of confidence. The Sprint is light, responsive and handles very well. But take care of the GTS and it'll keep going for years. Stylish by look and quality on its painting and paint.Its a good scooter One thing that hasn’t changed on the new Sprint is the fact that like all Vespa scooters the monocoque chassis is still pressed from steel, quite unique these days with plastic being the usual material of choice. This model has also had the battery moved beneath the central frame tube to further lower the centre of gravity and allow the helmet bay beneath the seat to be redesigned, this gives over two litres of additional storage space and more importantly means you can comfortably stow a full faced helmet beneath the seat. The 3-valve engine is air cooled and produces 10.5bhp, not a huge amount of power but it makes use of that power very well and is plenty nippy enough for most users. Col takes a look back at the 1980s scooter rallies. Heading out into Rome’s bustling morning rush hour, on board the latest addition to the Vespa range I couldn’t help but smile to myself. and a range of 300km’s from the eight-litre tank. But you're buying into a huge family when you go with Piaggio. As with all Vespas the Sprint is built from pressed steel, rather than plastic so it will last well and can be repaired. I’ve owned a Vespa of one kind or another since 1986 and the marque is still as important to me as it ever was. Having said that though the seat height is lower at just 790mm and the narrow runner boards means it’s very accessible for shorter riders, it’s also very easy to put on the centre stand. As a self-confessed Vespa nut it life doesn’t get much better…, Roma 25 marzo 2014 Ambience Vespa Piaggio Sprint © Milagro, Bettella and Pinasco welcome Gori to the family | NEWS, Col’s scooter rally flashbacks – 80 photos from the ’80s | FEATURE. 2018 vespa gts125 review on total motorcycle: the i-get engine makes its dÉbut on the leading model of the vespa 125 and 150 cc line. Riding a new Vespa in the Italian capital city at its press launch is an honour. Vespa has an impressive mileage of about 50-55 kmpl. But with every new model comes further enhancements, like improvements to the fuel economy, a 30% increase over the ‘S’ to a claimed 47km/l (133mpg!) What’s the story? 2019 Vespa GTS 300 hpe | Launch review; Vespa SEI Giorni (2017) | First Ride & Review; Vespa GTS 300 Super (2014) Vespa Sprint 125; Vespa Primavera 125; Vespa LX 125 3V; Vespa GTS 300 Super (2009-14) Victory; Yamaha; Zero; Zontes; Product Reviews This is the Italian solution to the transport crisis. There are dozens of scooter manufacturers around, some good some bad but with a Vespa you’re making a choice based on almost 70 years of scooter building experience. The Sava tyres work well enough and the brakes (disc front, drum rear) on our test machine offered phenomenal stopping power and also has ABS as standard. Shadows accentuate the curves of the panels perfectly and it’s not by accident, Piaggio build these things into the design. There's a grab rail for the pillion, but don't expect to get anywahere fast with the added weight. Rome is a city where traffic comes at you in all directions, thankfully although it looks chaotic car drivers are well aware of everything around them – unlike back home. You still need your wits about you though and to be honest there’s not another machine I’d rather ride around a city, at home or abroad. Scooters often get used all year round, with little care. This is the Italian solution to the transport crisis. It’s certainly my favourite and I’d buy one rather than a bulky heavyweight GTS 125. Perfectly fine if you only ride in town. No owners have yet reviewed the PIAGGIO VESPA GTS125 (2007 - on). Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The company's latest offering for India is the Vespa S 125cc, which now joins the LX and VX 125 models. The scooter comes with smooth yet powerful 125cc 3 valves, 4-stroke air cooled engine which is capable of producing 10.06 bhp at 7500 rpm.Absolute for daily users.Gives good mileage. The Vespa S 125 is the first-ever scooter of Top Gear PH’s Moto Sapiens writer and veteran rider Carlo Chungunco. Back then it was a two stroke traditional Vespa with four speed manual hand gear change. On the road this scooter is more agile than a Russian gymnast, so I’d say it works well. But the GTS struggles out on the open road. It also makes it a practical machine to own and use day to day. Engine: 124cc, air-cooled, fuel injected, 4-stroke, single cylinder, Brakes: Front 200mm disc, rear 140mm drum (ABS), Wheels: Front 110/70x 12, 120/70 x 12, Sava MC28’s, Suspension: Front single sided fork with shock, rear mono shock, Colours: Red, yellow, blue and matt titanium grey, RETRO, RETRO BIG STORY, Retro Feature, Retro News, I’ve owned a Vespa of one kind or another since 1986 and the marque is still as important to me as it ever was. The Sprint comes in a selection of three vibrant colours, Rosso Dragon red, Giallo Positano yellow and Blu Gaiola plus a ‘Sport’ version in matt titanium grey. Acceleration up to 40mph is brisk, with a noticeable drop afterwards. Service intervals have also been lengthened to 10,000km’s, a great cost and time saving attribute for a 125cc scooter. The underseat storage is big enough for a helmet or a large-size rucksack. £3549 is a fair bit of cash for a 125cc scooter, especially when you consider there are plenty of cheaper models from less established manufacturers available. The GTS handles surprisingly well for a scooter. Vespa has made an excellent re-entry with gorgeous looking Italian designed vespa lx 125. If you’ve seen or ridden the other models in the modern ‘Smallframe’ Vespa family, the LX, (replaced by the Primavera in 2014), or the Sprint’s predecessor, the ‘S’ you’ll find nothing remarkable about the new model, after all they share the same fuel injected 3-valve air-cooled engine.

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