We got engaged in Paris only 5 1/2 months earlier and started planning the wedding while we were travelling through Europe. We also had a couple of raw cakes which funnily enough went first! More on this later. Michael and Masa, Quinoa and spinach-stuffed mushrooms or stir-fried shiitake mushrooms and sugar snap peas are sophisticated choices. Thanks so much Melanie Hope you enjoy the recipes! Visit our bundled and boxed wedding invite sections to place your order. There is always hope. Who needs all the frills and fancies at the end of the day you will still get married! If vegan food's important to you, your wedding should reflect that. Wow! She made all the canapés and most of the dinner buffet. The food for the buffet was terrific. We knew well that we would upset some people because we didn’t allow children (besides our niece and nephew), partners that we didn’t know, and people we hadn’t seen in a long time or didn’t have much of a relationship with anymore. Hello – I was wondering if you served any cakes or sweets at your wedding? X, Such a beautiful wedding, thank you for sharing! Our favorite American entrées include refried black beans and tomato rice with guacamole, stuffed butternut squash, peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables, tofu “steak”, mushroom ragout with pasta, and seitan meatloaf with mushroom gravy. <3, Thanks so much Vanessa! Respect for all that you peeps do for the animals & environment by living ethical and conscious lives as vegan minimalists. Our favorite vegan salad recommendations include mixed green salad with avocados and lime vinaigrette, cucumber tomato salad, spinach with blanched almonds, vinaigrette, and mandarin oranges; three bean salad, tabouli salad, couscous, sun-dried fruit and chickpea salad, walnuts and spiced green beans with mustard vinaigrette, arugula with sliced pears and pistachios. What were some things you went without at your wedding and were happy you did? Still, I’ve opted out of the chicken, beef, and fish and been faced with a plate of vegetables. Fermented cabbage salad. After the wedding, instead of sending out Thank You cards to everyone, we waited for the photos to be finished and emailed everyone thanking them and sharing a link to our website that had been redone to share all the pictures from the day. A little tip, if you decide to buy off the rack, you’ll typically save some money as they generally give discounts for the dresses that have been tried on and aren’t custom made. Overall, considering that we didn’t have much of an idea of. The more I read from your blog the more commonalities I find! Follow him on Instagram @jaredmisner. Our wedding is in three weeks and I’m completely inspired by these images and so far it seems to be on a similar path with no engagement party, us being in Europe for the past 5 months planning for a wedding in Australia, and we were engaged in Paris as well! Hi Laura, We don’t actually have it anymore but will give you the ones that I remember. In saying that, not everyone can afford a professional photographer. Am I just inviting them because I would feel wrong not to? Congratulations! Summer Squash and Green Zebra Tomato Lasagna: Summer squash lasagna with sun-dried tomato marinara, macadamia ricotta cheese, and pistachio pesto. I’m sure it will come in handy for someone . Lentils and brown rice with nuts and seeds. As some of you know, Michael and I got married a couple of months ago on the 12th of March. I was very careful to make sure I didn’t slip into any negativity during the time of planning as it can really make you just want to get it over and done with. I love it. We wrote our own wedding vows and were happy we did. Photography Credit: Ali Bailey Photography, Vegan Wedding Reception Menu Ideas Vegan Wedding Reception Menu Ideas Vegan Wedding Reception Menu Ideas, Your email address will not be published. ), Videographer (lucky we have a friend that did it as our wedding gift! We didn’t like the idea of having a separate table from everyone especially since we didn’t have a bridal party. Some of our all-time favorites are Mediterranean-style and they include couscous stuffed portobello mushrooms or tofu squash ravioli in cashew cream sauce. So frustrating. The look we were going for was to bring nature indoors and to have some beautiful handmade details around. Would you consider sharing the menu you served?

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