Wonderful! Dividing that by 5 you get 2.8 gr of fat from the oil alone. Fig jam and coconut yogurt, marmalade and cinnamon – but my favourite was just maple syrup. If so, how did you do it and how was it? Oh no! Tried it and it came out delicious! I ended up burning a side. I’ve just turned vegan for ethical reasons and thought I’d have to make some sacrifices with taste…how wrong I was! Homemade whole grain bread. THESE LOOK AMAZING! Sorry to hear this didn’t work out for you. AMAZING!!! Chia seeds are kind of a secret power food I feel like – I use them all the time in oatmeal! No need to worry, though, it turned out perfectly! I had a half loaf of Cranberry Chocolate Pave in the freezer that I used. This is perfect. Every time I had the same problem some of the other people posted about, it turned my bread into a mush pudding :(, Thanks so much for this recipe, I made it the other day as a recent convert to vegan food and eggs used to be a staple for me. xxx, I soaked my first batch way too long (maybe 20 seconds) so of course it turned out soggy. Check out this tutorial! :). HAD. A bit stale as I used to use for French toast. The first time we served it with fresh cut peaches, maple syrup, and fresh mint. Thanks so much for the recipe ! I was really craving French toast and wasn’t sure if a vegan version would satisfy my craving, but it totally did! Thanks much! . I left out the sugar and added 1 tsp vanilla. Place in the fridge to activate for 10-20 minutes. This is on our menu for next week and I am so looking forward to it! ), https://www.sweetashoney.co/keto-bread-loaf-no-eggs-low-carb/. Experiment with soak times. Amount is based on available nutrient data. I wanted to try this one out just to see if this would taste better bc the Banana one was awful (although my kids LOVED it). thank you x. Pancake griddles are wonderful. Next time I might try flax seed or the “neat egg”. Thanks for sharing! Then after cooking each piece for over 10+ minutes, I tossed them in the oven on a cookie sheet. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. We need to get the word out there… maybe you can help? ? I did use flaxseed meal instead of chia because I didn’t have chia. Awe, congrats on your anniversary! RELATED: How To Make Vegan Chocolate From Scratch | Vegan Recipes. How long you “soak” will depend on how thick, sturdy and dry your bread is. It was perfect. I added a little nutmeg and clove to mine and used soy milk instead of almond. I enjoy your photos, especially the step-by-step ones. I do love your recipes – I have a huge collection of both vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, but what hangs me up always are recipes that contain 17 exotic ingredients when most often we eat very simply. Thanks so much for posting the recipe!!! Great job guys. If anything is rude, it’s the masking of such a crude act of consuming eggs or feeding them to children, without telling them what they are, why or where they come from, and growing having no idea…. One big soggy mess! As a kid, one of my favorite breakfasts was my mother’s french toast. The french toast batter accidentally sat a little too long and was probably a little thicker than my dense bread could absorb, so I had to leave it to soak for a long time and then scrape some of the excess batter off the outside. I would love a knock out lemon cake recipe for my 60th b-day next year . Topping ideas. ❤️. It was an experimental recipe for sure. So excited to try this recipe! Aside from making some adjustments to my bread, this will be my go-to french toast recipe. Did you make any modifications? When I saw this on instagram I wondered how you made the custard-y part sans eggs…obviously you’re a wizard! I served it with mixed berries, toasted walnuts and maple syrup. Thanks! That’s so great! I also feel like I should have let the batter sit longer since I did all the extra liquid. I’VE. Wish me luck!! Thank you a million times!! My daughter and I love, love, love your website! Love this! regards I had a craving for ‘eggless’ french toast (breakfast for dinner) this evening. Let us know how it goes for you! Thank you! The bread that I purchased was soft white Italian sandwich bread. yeaaah! Was it sturdy bread or sandwich bread? I dipped quickly, but the bread was still so soggy in the pan. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this!! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. So far the items that I have had to purchase (like lentils) aren’t expensive. I loving making this for my family for a tasty weekend breakfast. I then placed the bread in the batter 10 seconds on one side and about 6 seconds on the other side. I can’t even describe how I feel about your recipes. What kind of pan do you use to cook your French toast on? I have been cooking my way thru your blog for the past few weeks. Thanks for sharing! I was SO excited to try this recipe and replace eggs, and it failed miserably!!!! Excellent job! If you’re using sandwich bread just tap it in the mixture for like a second on both sides or else it’ll get too soggy. Thanks so much for your genius. (whole or ground into a fine meal so they’re undetectable), (it’s important to use a sturdy, rustic bread or it can turn out soggy/soft). Way longer. How f-ing genius to use chia seed to thicken the custard. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Mindy! I ground the chia seeds, used soy milk for a bit more protein and I used whole wheat French bread. I made us breakfast most mornings – just like I do now – and  we’d sit and talk with the windows open before getting to the day’s tasks. But our common ground? Sensational! If it’s just boring recipes you’re looking for I’m confident you may find them elsewhere. Soggy despite using dry bread. It looks and smells so good. My hubby couldn’t even tell I hadn’t used egg! So next time I will follow the directions exactly. I topped mine with dark choc dipped banana, mixed berry colis and coconut :) TY. So. Wow! A huge mass of mush. So I plan on getting those two ingredients and trying it again. Pre vegan days I made a kick ass bake, but now I don’t know what to do! Thank you again!! I know a lot of people do it over night. Used my Vitamix to mix the ingredients and breakdown the whole chia seeds (all I had). This easy vegan French toast recipe, is the only vegan French toast recipe that you will ever need. I was reading through the comments to finds tips on best practices and noticed your comment; particularly the part where you say “ but no need as it resulted in a breakfast which was even tastier than its eggy counterpart.” This had me under the impression that you were trying to avoid eggs. I feel like it’s easier to do the bake inside of individual pieces. I followed the recipe exactly (with ground chia seed), dipped the bread in for 2 seconds, and it turned out so soggy and gummy that I could barely flip it on the pan. I used less oil. Made it for my girlfriend this morning and she was SO impressed and delighted, as was I! It was delicious! After flipping it, one side was burned a little. You saved Easy Vegan French Toast to your. Perhaps with the seeds blended it would have worked but then why mention that they could be left whole???? I have made my fair share of vegan french toast, but never like this- awesome! Quick, easy, and tasty! This recipe sounds delicious! I did a quick dip for the second batch and it turned out absolutely perfect! About half way through cooking, I started using a tiny bit of coconut oil for each slice and each cooking side. Thanks! Actually more satisfying than egg & milky french toast! I missed having something creamy so this totally happening again tomorrow morning, by which time I will have made some coconut whipped cream! So yummy! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I left the chia seeds whole and I found that they gave it an extra crunch which I loved! Thanks Dana!!! But now since the Minamalist Baker has tried it, it must be legit- and it worked! They did not stick in my cast iron skillet. It is definitely a favorite! So worth it ☺️. Just need to soak the bread a little more next time. I look forward to your reply!! We made this one with whole spelt baguette – it was wonderful! ▢ Iced tried 2 vegan recipes that were a flop. It still came out great! It has not been easy. Been wanting to make this for ages. Crispy & fluffy with the best flavour! I just tried it out, and my goodness, it was exactly like french toast! I ground mine up to make them less visible in the final product (for those eaters of yours who inspect every bite and ask, “What’s in this?” before digging in). I use French Boulle which has a little sour dough (but not too much as it can easily overpower) and slow cook the bread so the crust is crispy without losing the centre softness – everyone loves it! Like the loaves that are fresh baked in the bakery section with a hard crust and soft center! I’m thinking of making this for my Mum on mother’s day, but she isn’t vegan and I was wondering how I could sub eggs into this?

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