To help you find a great vegan collagen supplement, I’ve researched and narrowed down the available choices to the three supplements below. A premium vegan collagen-building supplement to support your body’s natural production of collagen, adding strength to your hair, skin, and nails. Important ingredients that help build it can be found in a number of supplements! Collagen is a must for a healthy functioning body and glowing plump skin. Organic vitamin: Our collagen pills are certified USDA organic, non GMO project verified, vegan certified, gluten free certified, kosher made (Star K) New (11) from $23.94 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 The best vegan and vegetarian foods to support the building of collagen will be those highest in proline and glycine. Needless to say, that’s a no-no for vegans. Good sources include grains like wheat and barley, spirulina, fenugreek, peanuts, and … Vegan Collagen Supplements Developed with vegan-superstar Alicia Silverstone, mykind Organics ‘s vegan collagen builder is a special combination of plant ingredients featuring antioxidants … 3 Best Vegan Collagen Supplements Vegan collagen supplements and alternatives can help you boost skin elasticity, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and much more. However, regular collagen supplements typically contain collagen extracted from animal-based sources such as beef or fish.

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