Sankar NS, Donaldson D. Lessons to be learned: a case study approach. Talk to your baby's healthcare provider about the best way to treat your baby's granuloma. even by parents. Your pediatrician may recommend any of the following like application of silver nitrate, common salt, topical antibiotics, topical steroids, excision, cryotherapy, electrocautery 1 . It is highly effective treatment without any complications or relapse. Your health visitor will advise you to continue this treatment for at least two days by which time the granuloma should have reduced and started to heal. There are various treatment options for umbilical granuloma. A granuloma results from an overgrowth of cord tissue remaining after separation of the cord. If it has not healed after 7 days of Salt treatment for an umbilical granuloma If the granuloma is not infected you can treat your baby at home with table salt or cooking salt. Silver nitrate burns following treatment for umbilical granuloma. An umbilical granuloma occurs where the inflammatory process at the umbilicus becomes florid with excess granulation tissue preventing the raw area from developing new epithelial tissue. Updated GPP – Treatment of Umbilical Granuloma using Household Salt. KEY WORDS: Umbilical granuloma, common salt, infants I. Understanding Umbilical Granuloma salt should be rinsed off with a clean gauze dressing soaked in cooled boiled water. Case Presentation: An 18-day-old female infant presented to the outpatient department (OPD) with concerns of swelling over the umbilicus with a yellowish discharge of one-day duration noticed after separation of the umbilical cord. In this study, we present a novel modification of the salt application method to treat infants with umbilical granuloma. Continue until the granuloma heals. INTRODUCTION Umbilical granuloma is a benign abnormality of umbilicus and can be defined as a moist, fleshy … Umbilical granulomas are one of the most common umbilical conditions to occur in neonates. Pediatr Emerg Care. Your baby's umbilical granuloma may get better without treatment. No side effects have been reported yet and a recurrence of the granuloma after treatment seems to be null. Treatment options for this common entity are limited and have side effects such as chemical burns. You may need to apply rubbing alcohol, cream, or ointment to help the tissue dry out and fall off. The health professional who advised the treatment can provide you with the gauze swabs needed (you can get extras from a pharmacy if needed). Salt inside the occluded hyperosmolar chamber causes shrinkage of granuloma by a desiccant effect. Conclusion: Cooking salt treatment for umbilical granuloma is effective, cheap, available, and easy to apply by non-health professionals. 1992;8:253. Your health visitor should reassess your baby’s belly button in one week. 5. The usual process after the umbilical cord has been severed and tied is for the small remnant to shrivel and fall off. In our case, we will describe the complete resolution of granuloma with salt treatment with no adverse effect. It usually looks like a ... You need to apply the salt treatment twice a day for at least 3 days. An umbilical granuloma is a piece of tissue that stays on your baby’s bellybutton after the umbilical cord has fallen off. Methods Umbilical granuloma is an overgrowth of granulation tissue following the separation of umbilical cord.

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