The difference of a number and six is [latex]13[/latex]. Even if you know the answer right away, using algebra will better prepare you to solve problems that do not have obvious answers. Find the number. Translating Words Into Math On The Gmat Kaplan Test Prep. It checks. Equations can also be written to determine whether or not it’s more cost efficient to buy a new car or keep repairing your old one. Write an expression for the number of dimes. two less than five times the number of quarters. What was the original price of the shirt? The quotient of [latex]10x[/latex] and [latex]3[/latex]. Subtract [latex]3[/latex] from both sides of the equation. [latex]a[/latex] is to the left of [latex]b[/latex] on the number line, [latex]a>b[/latex] is read [latex]a[/latex] is greater than [latex]b[/latex] Because we are multiplying [latex]5[/latex] times the sum, we need parentheses around the sum of [latex]m[/latex] and [latex]n[/latex]. The world is full of word problems. [latex]a
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