Our mission to reduce animal consumption and transform the global food system is more relevant than ever. Am J Clin Nutr. E-Suppl (2000): 1. Even if You buy the vegan option You’re lining the pockets of animal torturers who destroy the rainforests & launder Your money to fund the IRA. Lady Freethinker is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 2016 around 636,000 tonnes of veal were produced in the European Union, a significant proportion of which came from dairy cattle breeds.7. Social Behavior of Grazing Beef Cattle: Implications for Management. On a factory farm, dairy cows are materials on a factory line. On today’s industrial dairy farms, cows are bred specifically to maximise milk production. what is wrong with these human monsters? — GO VEGAN — as they SHOULD. We aren’t going away. Of which They are literally one of the Word’s biggest suppliers. “Most dairy cows live lives of deprivation on factory farms,” he said. If you eat meat or consume dairy, YOU are directly responsible for this abuse. In contrast, modern breeds of dairy cows on industrial farms produce up to 50 litres per day, and as much as 12,000 litres of milk per year.2 3 As a result, while the number of cows on dairy farms in Europe has declined over the years, the volume of milk produced has increased.4 Producing milk at such an unnaturally elevated rate is physically exhausting for cows, comparable in terms of metabolic effort to a human running 1.5 marathons every day.5 In order to produce a single litre of milk, a cow’s body must pump half a tonne of blood through her udder. Mr Smith told The Independent: “I am aware there are allegations, relating to the treatment of dairy cows, made against employees of a company of which I am one of six directors. However, most modern farms dehorn calves to save space and reduce the risk of cows injuring each other due to the stress of their living conditions. God please save our animals from these cruel and inhuman beings of evil. 2013; 105:616-623. Cows are extremely inquisitive and intelligent animals. we do not own this planet..we must learn to share it..humans have become arrogant..we must become more compassionate, The nestle ceo is a disgusting and vile human… so this doesn’t surprise me at all unfortunately… so it only shows that we need to boycott all nestle products for here on out! Poor cows. So where’s the petition for Nestle to stop using palm oil? It’s vital to understand the most effective ways to prevent and treat this condition. Süddeutsche Zeitung, 13.04.2015. Dairy products are among the most consumed animal product around the globe, with more than 110 kg per person consumed each year, most of it in European countries or North America.15. Dissertation med. Around 7.5 million dairy cows are slaughtered annually in the European Union.9 Worldwide, commercial dairy cows are usually slaughtered as soon as their milk production starts to decline, generally between 4.5 and 6 years of age.10 Cows who fail to conceive after their first insemination, as well as those who do not produce sufficient levels of milk after their first calving, are slaughtered at even younger ages. Increasingly, the general public is becoming aware that conditions for dairy cows on factory farms are cruel and inhumane. Auction staff and unfortunately even veterinarians will frequently lie and claim she’s being taken care. SHAME ON YOU — you, Nestle — for needless, depravedly cruel, unconscionably sadistic treatment of Cows and other Farm Animals — these beautiful sweet animals are LIVING BEINGS — Nestle’s people are PSYCHOS — why are they turning a blind eye — my heart breaks for the suffering of these lovely animals — UNDER YOUR WATCH, Nestle — all the more reason why the Human Race will GO VEGAN! They generally have access to pastures for less than five months per year. And it also won’t make Nestle a company that anyone with self respect can buy from. (2013): Whole milk intake is associated with prostate cancer-specific mortality among U.S. male physicians. In one instance, a manager shot a “downed” cow in the head, and she suffered in agony for almost a minute before she was shot again and died. From now on, when I go the store, I’m going to look for the ‘Nestle’s’ label. Shortly after birth, calves are separated from their mothers, and the mother’s milk that is meant for her calf is instead used for products for human consumption. But other cows are still suffering at the hands or their suppliers. Cruelty like this is inexcusable in this day and age. Home » News » New Investigation Reveals ‘Nightmare’ for Cows at Nestle Dairy FarmBy Katie Valentine | April 5, 2019. In a statement released shortly after the undercover video was released, Nestlé claimed to have cut ties with Martin Farms.

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