Totally out of his element, Dee Snider defended the stance that music, like any other art form is open to interpretation, and nobody’s interpretation of art should prohibit one’s freedom of speech. The PMRC narrowing the group’s provocative lyrics to that of “Possessed” sort of tickled even Venom drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray. The name Tipper Gore is no doubt familiar to fans of both hard rock and heavy metal. The band’s biggest hit never gets more risqué than a reference to “makin’ love.” Imagine if they’d skipped the Mary Janes and got right to Rick’s records! Looking back, Dee Snider said he’d do it all over again! It has been 35 years since Dee Snider’s speech before the US Senate, debating the accusations of Tipper Gore, who said that his music and heavy metal in general incited physical and sexual violence and therefore should be banned and censored. Al Gore Satanic Heavy Metal Fetish Cited in Tipper Gore Divorce. There’s a lot worse than that!”. NASHVILLE - USA - Al Gore would rock out to 'satanic' heavy metal bands and perform rituals in the family home, divorce lawyers for ex-wife Tipper Gore have revealed. Ah, yes, it was Fate frontman King Diamond, an avowed Satanist with the coolest post-Arthur Brown/Alice Cooper/Kiss face-paint maybe ever. In September 1985, Dee Snider and Frank Zappa defended Van Halen, W.A.S.P., and heavy metal from Tipper Gore's censorship group in Congress. In September ’85, the PMRC used its bedroom government connections to prompt the United States Congress to hold a hearing on their cause. He was scary. At the actual hearings, a heroic trio of amusingly unlikely political bedfellows testified on behalf of artistic freedom in general and the supposed transgressions of heavy metal in particular: crackpot genius rock visionary Frank Zappa, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, and folk-pop granola guru John Denver. At issue, the PMRC claimed, was the dire public health threat posed against (please read in a Helen Lovejoy voice) “the children” by pop and rock records, in particular those falling under the sex-Satan-and-suicide umbrella of heavy metal. That just sounds like nobody’s listening to enough Venom to find the worst song. Scotland’s squeaky-clean “Morning Train” queen reinvented herself with this synth-funk dance ode to her sweet, funky sex organs, written by—prepare yourself—Prince! The PMRC supposedly sniffed out forcible intercourse in this Back in Black nugget, yet the majority of the lyrics begin with the polite request “Let me.” Consider: “Let me put my love into you babe/let me put my love on the line/let me cut your cake with my knife.” Look, the lads are even offering to serve dessert after the (f)act. 10 Classic Rockers Who’d Be Banished by Today’s Politically Correct Thought Police. “We’ve got the right to choose and/there ain’t now way we’ll lose it/This is our life, this is our song/We’ll fight the powers that be just/don’t pick our destiny ’cause/You don’t know us, you don’t belong!” To Tipper Gore and the PMRC, Dee Snider and the boys’ musical declaration of that most American ideal of personal liberty, as well as standing up to any force that would try to deny it from you or anyone else, constituted “violence.”, The singly most ludicrous selection on the list, if “Dress You Up” had a different beat and was performed by someone other than the simultaneous cover model of both Playboy and Penthouse in August 1985, this innocent toe-tapper could have been sung in the 1950s by Doris Day. Black Sabbath built a monumental legacy in rock while trafficking in occult imagery and songs about being scared of the devil, yet all the PMRC picked up on was a track from the 1983 LP, Born Again. Letting up on Prince for a moment, the PMRC switched their anti-funk furor to the Mary Jane Girls, a female dance-pop group named for marijuana and overseen by creator Rick James. Unless you’re the horny Freddy Krueger. for short. Sebastian Bach Nearly Fronted Judas Priest, Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo “Laughing Gas” 1979, Somewhere In Time: Hidden Messages Revealed, 10 Things About Dio You May Not Have Known, ‘One by Metallica’ A Look Inside The Masterpiece, Heavy Metal Youth: The Positive Psychology, Nicko McBrain Iron Maiden Drum Kit Stolen In Florida, Eddie Van Halen Nearly Joined KISS Back In 1982. 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This group pushed strongly for a voluntary ratings system for the music industry similar to that of the movie industry and released a list of songs they had found objectionable that was dubbed the “Filthy Fifteen.” One of the songs on the list was “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” while tracks by Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath also found themselves under heavy scrutiny. In the documentary series Metal Evolution, Abaddon addressed the Filthy 15 issue by saying, “That just sounds lazy to me.

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