Organization Modeling is determining if there are any unique needs and knowing who are most affected by the changes. The following are the inputs: Survey/Questionnaire Process Modeling attempts to create a logical flow and sequencing of related activities or actions. What if the problem identified is not the root cause and the proposed solution does not solve the problem? Task 1 & 2 are not dependent on each other because they can be executed at the same time and there were enough people helping to make the coffee and therefore you place one below the other in the first invisible column. This is why project managers are often very focussed on doing whatever they can to stay within the critical path of the projects! Ownership states the person who will be the business owner after the project is released and implemented. Then you will place Task 3 (drink the coffee) in the next invisible column along. An infrastructure analyst helps define, design, or adapt hardware and technical infrastructure. Brainstorming is used to produce a broad or diverse set of options from a set of participants. A solution owner is responsible for making sure that the functional requirements, such as project scope statement, solution validations, etc., are successful in meeting the solution deliverable. This is why you place Task 3 in the next invisible column. Urgency indicates how soon the requirement is needed. Hence, analyzing such key drivers is an important task of a business analyst. Many of the test questions specifically ask about these topics. The following is the output on the right: Status could include attributes like proposed, accepted, verified, postponed, cancelled, or implemented. Use an RACI (pronounce as “R-A-C-I”) Matrix and Stakeholder Onion Diagram to evaluate stakeholders. Stakeholder List, Roles, and Responsibility Designation The BA tries to make an optimal decision. In the first situation, a client has determined what needs to be done for an enterprise, but the enterprise does not have the in-house expertise to implement the desired changes. In the first lesson, we were introduced to CCBA certification. Let us move on to the next task in planning and monitoring. You will then stick them at the top of your white board from left to right (leave as much space in between each Phase “Post It” note as you can. It will help us understand the roles of those involved in business analysis activities. There are many tasks associated with the planning and monitoring knowledge area. You then put that note at the very top (in the middle) of the white board or table as if it was the position of the CEO on an organisational chart. This knowledge area includes identifying stakeholders, defining their roles and responsibilities, developing estimations for business analysis tasks, and knowing how best to communicate with them. An executive sponsor is usually the “champion” and decision maker for the project. listeners: [], In this case, the Business Analyst needs to identify the situation and the best way to proceed with the requirements for installation. Project teams could be collocated or dispersed. Estimation is performed with the expertise of the project manager and other team members. However, a real solution positively affects all stakeholders but to different degrees. Business analysis plan: It includes information such as scope of work, work breakdown structure, activity list, estimates for each activity and task, and information on how the plan should be changed in response to changing conditions. The course curriculum is very specific to ...", "This course was very detailed, it helps individuals taking the course understand what Business Analyst do...", "A very professionally delivered and superbly structured course. In the next slide, we will be discussing requirements attributes. Business Analysis Plans Enterprise Architecture Often, outside-specialized vendors may be needed to fill the gaps in organizational capabilities. Expert Judgment In most cases it takes more than just one task to deliver an outcome. By learning how to make the right changes and reducing the political risks, enterprise managers contribute toward the success of a project. Please share your opinions, views and ideas around Project Planning below. It is typically suggested that you write the minimum number of days (or hours for a smaller project) in one corner of the small “Post It” note and the maximum number of days (or hours) in another corner of the “Post It” note. In the next slide, we will be discussing requirements planning. The purpose of the Network Diagram is to ultimately determine the critical path of the project. Organizational Process Assets We provided an estimate for both the business analysis work and for the entire project, which would involve the organization's first use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), new business processes, many software changes, and the purchase of new barcode scanners. An important point to remember while gathering preliminary information is to maintain an open mind as the on-site situation may be different from the preliminary information. Organizational process assets: They will be an important stakeholder topic. The sponsor interview will provide the sponsor’s perception of what the business needs are and help the BA understand the sponsor’s expectations. A database analyst reviews and analyzes the database resources and develops any new database policies and procedures. Root Cause Analysis

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