The study concluded by discussing the relevance of recovery capital construct for guiding social work practice and education. Containing over 20 chapters and more than 400 pages, this revised edition of CSW include six new chapters in response to requests by readers of previous editions, including chapters on issues of sexual orientation, Evidence-based Practice (EBP), models of integrating faith and practice, as well as an enhanced section on the role of Christianity in social welfare history. Data from 83 medical outpatients showed the INSPIRIT to have a strong degree of internal reliability and concurrent validity. A total of 1,016 college student participants (53.9% female) were recruited from a major state university in the southern United States, the structural equation modeling revealed that aspects of identity development mediated the relationship between certain aspects of spirituality (spiritual transcendence, spiritual search, and spiritual function) and certain maladjustment variables (existential anxiety, identity distress, and internalizing symptoms). A convenience sample of 263 respondents with varying lengths of recovery from a national recovery community organization and a Connecticut-based recovery community organization completed an anonymous on-line survey. We find that the orthodox generally are conservative on social issues of sexuality, reproduction, and schooling of children, but are moderate or liberal on gender, racial, and economic issues. trailer The results, Drawing on an analysis of in-depth interviews with returned migrant women from East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, this paper considers the links between migration, religious beliefs and subjectivity. Fowler’s (1981) faith development theory addresses the impact that spirituality has on learning. Data were collected from college students both in China and the U.S. to provide validity and reliability evidence. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Get Started This study demonstrates the significance of focusing on these women's experiences, including their everyday religious practices and their shifting sense of self, as a way of broadening the conceptual basis of our understanding of female migration. The survey, which used both closed-ended and open-ended questions, was designed to collect information on drug and alcohol use and factors that contributed to the respondents’ recovery from substance dependence during the respondents’ first year of recovery. Findings did not support the hypothesis that treatment completion acts as a moderator for recovery capital and substance abstinence self-efficacy. Keywords: Spirituality, Social Work, Social Work Practice, Social Worker, z Sosyal çalışma disiplini ve mesleğinde, maneviyata duyarlı müdahale yaklaşımları, son otuz yıldır artan şekilde ilgi çekmektedir. Dessa forma, quanto mais rica em símbolos maior é a capacidade de uma religião permitir o equilíbrio das relações entre o ego e o self, bem como, entre a pessoa e a vida comum. Bu araştırmanın amacı; maneviyat ve sosyal hizmet ilişkisini ortaya koyarak sosyal çalışmacıların, maneviyata ve manevi konulara ilişkin kişisel ve mesleki bakış açılarını keşfetmek ve betimlemektir. In particular. The study examined the relationship between spirituality, identity development, and maladjustment variables. 0000025055 00000 n Mainly the views of Berne and the researchers following in his footsteps have been taken into consideration. Spiritual converts, nonconverts who increased in religiousness gradually, and religious adherents who did not experience religious change were selected using a screening questionnaire. An introduction to various theories of spiritual development. Following sound scale development procedures, the current study endeavors to develop a Spirituality Scale for College Students that could apply to both Chinese and American college students. It was hypothesized that the level of self-efficacy to abstain from alcohol and drug use is moderated by completion of substance abuse treatment during the first year of recovery. The second section discusses A questionnaire battery was used in the assessment of the research questions, and was supplemented with 10 interviews which provided personal examples of the students'religious experiences. A total of 15 items complied with the criteria of discrimination and presented appropriate factor loadings in one of the three factors. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 0000004014 00000 n 0000001090 00000 n

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