Die Seitenaufrufe pro Monat stiegen von rund 777.000 im Jahr 1998 auf 8.596.000 im Jahr 2004. "[104], In August 2011, The Onion's website began testing a paywall model, requiring a $2.95 monthly/$29.95 annual charge from non-U.S. visitors who wish to read more than about five stories within 30 days. "We were very nearly sued out of existence by Janet Jackson", said Siegel, adding that in the past he was forbidden to talk about the legal matter and the celebrity involved. A source familiar with the situation said that departures were partially due to disagreements about the direction the site was taking under the ownership of Univision. Congressman, "FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States": In May 2015, the former, "Study: Every 10 Seconds A Skyscraper Window Washer Falls To His Death": In September 2018, Serbian president, "CIA Issues Posthumous Apology After New Evidence Clears Osama Bin Laden Of Involvement In 9/11 Attacks": In 13 October 2019, former Inspector-General of the, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 00:47. Below is a list of all of the cities in which The Onion was distributed freely at different points from 1988 to 2013.[119][153][154][155]. [citation needed], In April 2007, The Onion launched Onion News Network—a daily web video broadcast—with a story about an illegal immigrant taking an executive's $800,000-a-year job for $600,000 a year. For the building sometimes nicknamed "The Onion", see, Interviewing The Onion at The Webby Awards, Onion News Network – Fact Zone – Coming To IFC January 2011, Univision owns these station licenses, however they are operated by, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, 'No Way To Prevent This', Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, List of satirical television news programs, "Six Insights From an Editor at The Onion", "Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness", "Cards Against Humanity Bought Clickhole", "IOP-Mocking the Man: How Satire Helps Deepen Our Understanding of the World Featuring Cole Bolton", University of Chicago Institute of Politics, "Onion Nation: A Look Inside the Offices of, "Onion co-founder extols the virtues of humor", "Wauwatosa Business Spotlight: Bridgetown Framing Gallery", "Waka! According to former editorial manager, Chet Clem, their food budget was so low when they started the paper that they were down to white bread and onions. Manche Artikel arbeiten mit dem alten Prinzip der Verkehrten Welt, etwa bei der Meldung: „World’s Knowledge to Be Written Down“ („Das gesamte Wissen der Welt soll in Büchern aufgeschrieben werden“). [141], In March 2018 the employees of the company announced they had unionized with The Writers Guild Of America, East. The publication reportedly initially invested about $1 million in the production and initially hired 15 new staffers to focus on the production of this video broadcast. [7] ClickHole was acquired by Cards Against Humanity in February 2020. News in Brief. The publication started out as a weekly newspaper, but 25 years later it is a multimedia fake news organization. The Onion is known for its over-the-top and borderline inappropriate humor content. "'98 Homosexual-Recruitment Drive Nearing Goal": In 1998. "[143] The union was recognized on April 20, 2018[144] and reached a contract agreement with management on December 20, 2018. The Business of Comedy is No Laughing Matter", "Award-Winning Local Journalists Reflect Own Self-Hatred Back on Nightmarish World", "A Funny Thing Didn't Happen on the Way to the Web", "Q&A Ben Karlin: Ex-Onion Editor Reflects On 'Daily Show', His Book", "From the Onion to Comedy Central to the Oscars", "Janet Jackson almost killed 'The Onion', editor reveals", "Is The Onion America's Most Intelligent Newspaper? "[225][226][227][228], On June 16, 2017, The Onion featured an article of professional wrestler The Big Show being killed by WWE after a seven-year-old boy wandered into a steel cage during a live event in Indianapolis. Seitdem entwickelte sich die Seite zu einer der bekanntesten, meistzitierten und meistbesuchten satirischen Websites englischer Sprache. Am 3. [19][51][52][53], In April 2000, DreamWorks Studios optioned two stories from the satirical newspaper, "Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated"—which was to be written by former Onion editor and writer Rich Dahm—and "Tenth Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell" with an eye toward producing the latter as a family comedy. Sep 22. [1] Im Frühjahr 1996 begann The Onion mit der Online-Veröffentlichung. China's Communist Party paper hails NKorea's Kim being named The Onion's 'sexiest man, "Ed Farrell, Arizona Vice Mayor, Shamed For Praising Fred Phelps After Being Confused By Satirical Article", "Ariz. Vice Mayor Apologizes After Mistakenly Praising Westboro's Fred Phelps on Facebook: 'Shame on Me, "Farrell apologizes for pro-Westboro Facebook post", "Ex-Fifa vice president Jack Warner swallows Onion spoof", "Vucic apologises for false statement on window washers in US", "Ex-IGP Musa Hassan gets flak over Osama bin Laden 'article, "The Onion Is The Country's Best Op-Ed Page. It isn't The Socialist Worker.

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