Chickpea Curry. It takes around 25 minutes for making this recipe. It also goes well with chapathi. Sliced green chillis and red chilli powder are added to have a spicy flavour. One is my mother’s version, which is instant. This curry tastes good for idli, dosa as well as rice. Today I am going to share with you 2 versions of tomato dosa. so it is a one-shot recipe for all the mains. It is an yummy side dish for appam, dosa and rice. Tomato Gotsu Recipe also known as the Thakkali Curry is a quick and easy to make, spicy and tangy tomato gravy you can prepare for a change as a breakfast accompaniment or even as a side dish along with Ven Pongal, Khichdi, Paratha or Dosa.. Tomato Gotsu that is packed with simple flavours from roasted baby onions simmered along with tamarind and sambar powder giving it that delectable taste. When I was looking for a Kerala style side dish for appam apart from vegetable stew, I got to know about this Kerala style tomato curry recipe / thakkali curry with coconut milk. Like other Kerala dishes, this curry uses grated coconut. The Vegan Tomato Curry - When looking for recipes to make under Kongu cuisine, I remembered this Thakkali Kuzhambu / Tomato Kulambu that I had bookmarked quite a while ago from Kanamma Cooks. Thakkali Curry is another Chaaru Curry (Curry with lot of Gravy) which is made regularly by my Mom. Sometimes, I wonder if there is any traditional Kerala recipe which doesn’t used grated coconut or coconut milk. This is the first time Iam making tomato curry with readymade coconut milk powder. Since idli & dosa are a staple breakfast in southern parts of India, this kurma fondly known as thakkali kurma / thakkali kuzhambu can be made easily with few staple ingredients. Suppose you do not have idli or dosa batter at home, then you can opt for the second recipe. Similar recipes in the blog, Brinjal Curry. Tomato Kurma – Thakkali Kurma Recipe. Thakkali (Tomato) Curry. Tomato curry or thakkali curry is a popular side dish for rice, dosa and chappati. Like many other traditional recipes of Kerala, tomato curry also has grated coconut milk as one of its major ingredient. Tomato Dosa-Thakkali Dosai-Instant Dosa Recipe. January 19, 2013 by PadhuSankar 22 Comments. This curry looked so flavorful and I wanted to make it for Dosai someday. Cooking instructions with step by step pictures. This curry can be made in a jiffy with minimal ingredients. Glad I tried the recipe as it was so delicious and paired perfectly well with Dosai. In a pan heat oil, add cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. You can prepare that if you have idli or dosa batter at home.

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