Rice 9:38, Hsu YC, Tseng MC, Wu YP, Lin MY, Wei FJ, Hwu KK, Hsing YI, Lin YR (2014) Genetic factors responsible for eating and cooking qualities of rice grains in a recombinant inbred population of an inter-subspecific cross. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. 2007). Also, terpenoids, another class of volatile aromatic compounds found mostly in herbs, were identified in rice bran from purple, red, and brown rice varieties (Chumpolsri et al. Cite this article. Vanavichit A, Yoshihashi T, Wanchana S, Areekit S, Saengsraku D, Kamolsukyunyong W J Lanceras J, Toojinda T, Tragoonrung S (2005) Positional cloning of Os2AP, the aromatic gene controlling the biosynthetic switch of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). By using this website, you agree to our Under pest-free conditions, HM84 on average yielded almost equal to KDML105 (Table 4). When grown in its optimal environment, the physical appearance of polished grains is pearly, clear, very long and slender, with a glossy exterior. Comparing the aromatic isogenic line and RNAi in the N15 dilution experiment and inclusion of the inhibitors of enzymes in polyamine biosynthesis revealed ornithine as the initial amino acid precursor of N, and polyamine is a major biosynthetic pathway leading to 2AP accumulation (Vanavichit et al. The saline soil in this area is high in sodium and chloride content and has a sandy soil texture, low organic matter, and minimal fertility (Arunin 1984). A little expensive but we couldn’t find large bags of rice anywhere. The introduction of the Xa21 gene from the highly resistant donor line, IR1188, into KDML105 successfully generated the first Jasmine-like BLB resistant line, HM812 (Fig. Introgression of SKC1 from FL496 (IR66946-3R-196-1-1) or FL530 (IR66496-3R-230-1-1) into KDML105 was accomplished using MABC to generate KD-SKC1-FL (Fig. Marker-assisted backcrossing was comprehensively developed to add more resistance genes for diseases, insects, and abiotic stresses to KDML105 (Toojinda et al. The aromatic gene was cloned in KDML105, as an amino aldehyde dehydrogenase (AMADH) or better known as BADH2 located on chromosome 8. Theor Appl Genet 107:1288–1296, Ruengphayak S, Chaichumpoo E, Phromphan S, Kamolsukyunyong W, Sukhaket W, Phuvanartnarubal E, Korinsak S, Korinsak S, Vanavichit A (2015) Pseudo-backcrossing design for rapidly pyramiding multiple traits into a preferential rice variety. 2007) or 383 Kb (Jairin et al. In: Research of Rice and Rice products research program, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok, Arunin S (1984) Characteristics and management of salt-affected soil in the northeast of Thailand. 2009), BPH26 (Tamura et al. (DOCX 22 kb). Apichart Vanavichit. Google Scholar, Bradbury LMT, Gillies SA, Brushett DJ, Waters DLE, Henry RJ (2008) Inactivation of an aminoaldehyde dehydrogenase is responsible for fragrance in rice. 2012). Ahn SN, Bollich CN, Tanksley SD (1992) RFLP tagging of a gene for aroma in rice. Characterized by fluctuation in rainfall distribution and poor soil fertility, the lowland rainfed area produces the highest quality Jasmine rice. Grain aroma is controlled by a single recessive gene located on chromosome 8 (Singh et al. ‘Hom’ indicates the aroma and ‘Mali’ points to the texture and color of each grain. A bit disappointed as no scent of jasmine, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 May 2020. 2001), which was used to identify the QTL-controlling traits above. Thai Jasmine rice is officially known as Thai Hom Mali rice. Tasted the same as the “Golden Elephant” brand we used to eat. Plant Physiol Biochem 103:96–105, O’Toole JC, Bland WL (1987) Genotypic variation in crop plant root systems. 1992) in Azucena (Lorieux et al. J Sci Food Agric 89:2186–2190, Prahalada GD, Shivakumar N, Lohithaswa HC, Sidde Gowda DK, Ramkumar G, Kim S-R et al (2017) Identification and fine mapping of a new gene, BPH31 conferring resistance to brown planthopper biotype 4 of India to improve rice, Oryza sativa L. Rice 10(1):41, Punyawaew K, Suriya-arunroj D, Siangliw M, Thida M, Lanceras-Siangliw J, Fukai S, Toojinda T (2016) Thai jasmine rice cultivar KDML105 carrying Saltol QTL exhibiting salinity tolerance at seedling stage. 2016), BPH18 (Ji et al. 2016). There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. 2011, Chutimanukul et al. Front Agric China 4:1–9, Gregorio GB, Senadhira D, Mendoza RD, Manigbas NL, Roxas JP, Guerta CQ (2002) Progress in breeding for salinity tolerance and associated abiotic stresses in rice. Dissertation, Agricultural Biotechnology, Graduate School, Kasetsart University, p108, Kanjoo V, Jearakongman K, Punyawaew K, Siangliw JL, Siangliw M, Vanavichit A, Toojinda T (2011) Co-location of quantitative trait loci for drought and salinity tolerance in rice. The first step to break the tight linkage between the two loci was to generate a large F2 population between KDML105 (waxy b, bphQTLch6) and RHt (Waxy A, BphQTLch6), followed by rigorous MAS for the (waxy b, BphQTLch6) haplotype (Jairin et al. 2006) and JHN x IR64 (Sreewongchai et al. 2007; Tragoonrung et al. As a selection of local landrace variety found in rainfed areas, the Thai Jasmine rice showed adaptive advantages over improved irrigated rice in less fertile lowland rainfed conditions. Three QTLs for GT were mapped on chromosome 6 as the single major QTL, and the two minor QTLs were mapped on chromosome 2. Later on, all other aromatic rice genes were discovered as allelic to the AMADH. 2016), respectively. 2016). Environmental factors will always have a strong influence on the synthesis and degradation of 2AP content, resulting in quantitative variation of 2AP in rice grains. Of all rice growing countries, Thailand has the most diversified pathotypes in the world (Sreewongchai 2008; Chaipanya et al. 2010) and were used as the donor for HM83. Try again. 2002). 2005). ScienceAsia 31:129–135, Ji H, Kim S-R, Kim Y-H, Suh J-P, Park H-M, Sreenivasulu N, Misra G, Kim S-M, Hechanova S-L, Kim H, Lee G-S, Yoon U-H, Kim T-H, Lim H, Suh S-C, Yang J, An G, Jena KK (2016) Map-based cloning and characterization of the bph18 gene from wild rice conferring resistance to brown planthopper (bph) insect pest.

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