In the Italian speaking part, the young people dress very smartly, with natty winkle-picker shoes in patent leather and suchlike. Dress Code Business attire has become more relaxed in Switzerland in recent years, with some firms introducing 'dress-down' Fridays. Swiss Customs & Traditions in Business Etiquette. In general, fashion in Switzerland means that people dress casually. The Swiss consider black and darker-colored fabrics to be stylish and classy. If you’re heading to a larger city, be sure to have at least one (or two!) The national costume of Switzerland is versatile but made in the same style; bright but modest; eccentric but balanced; convenient but beautiful. No doubt, frustrating the ITS people over at UBS who must have woken up this morning to find their servers full of non-employees trying to track down a copy of the code. Switzerland is one of the safest countries to travel in Europe, despite a few minor scams and pickpockets, there's generally nothing to worry about. Doing business in Switzerland resembles doing business in the U.S. in many ways, including overall equality between men and women. Being even a few minutes late for a meeting is especially rude and inconsiderate. Switzerland: The People. This content was published on Aug 13, 2017 Aug 13, 2017 There is no dress code at Zurich's Street Parade. Dress code and opening hours vary significantly. Therefore, I am looking for … The gambling age is the same in all Cantons, and is limited to those 18 years and older. Some 900,000 hardcore ravers, dance music fans … On Casinos Europe you can find a complete guide to all casinos in Switzerland. It is common for men to wear sports jackets and trousers with a shirt and tie in business situations and for women to wear smart casual clothes. Such style of clothing is typical for the North Europe. They value sobriety, thrift, tolerance, punctuality and a sense of responsibility. Check the job interview do & don't , job interview tips and other job search skills pages. classy outfit in your wardrobe. Hi Folks, I am joining a bank in Zurich and planning to buy some suits and shirts before I arrive there (I arrive in a couple of weeks). The Wall Street Journal‘s story on Swiss Bank's UBS AG's 43-page dress code has already made the rounds on the internet…. The Swiss have praiseworthy work ethics and punctuality. In the French speaking part of Switzerland, it is normal for young people to dress in very casual gear, such as flared trousers, tank tops - even blue jeans! The women's traditional outfit is very feminine, with pretty and extraordinary accessories. Switzerland is a federal state, comprising of 26 federated Cantons or states. In each Swiss canton (state) there are different traditions and ways of doing things, and the mountain villages all have a unique set of rules. Swiss Dress Code As with the Germans, the Swiss dress smartly for business but do not restrict themselves to the dark blue and dark grey suits favoured by many U.K. and Asian business people. They are very proud of their environment and have a long tradition of freedom. However, in large cities like Geneva and Zurich, it’s almost impossible to dress too nicely. Switzerland has 26 cantons; what is acceptable in one area may not be in another. If you go to a party or dinner in Switzerland, social etiquette dictates it is acceptable to be 15 minutes late. The Switzerland dress code is integral part of Switzerland job interview because how you dress is the one of the most important attribute in not hired for available jobs. Business meetings remain more formal and both men and women are expected to be well dressed. Motto: "Unity, yes; Uniformity, no." The Swiss value cleanliness, honesty, hard work, and material possessions. Meeting people.

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