Basil is a kitchen herb in the mint family. In cooking, basil is most commonly used fresh in cooked recipes. Sweet Basil Cooking Tips. More often than not, the fresh leaves are added at the last moment, as cooking quickly destroys the herb's distinct flavor. The herbal leaves of sage are green-gray with velvety feel. Thai basil has a robust anise-like flavor. When using fresh Basil we tend to add this at the end of cooking time. 480-596-5628. Sweet basil is used in tomato sauces, green Thai curries, or as a fresh garnish on pizzas. Used frequently as a garnish in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. Enroll now on-line or by phone. Remove the leaves from the stems and use them whole, tear them, cut them, or chop them finely. Sage. Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School is in compliance with governmental guidelines regarding COVID-19 including: Safe distancing and required wearing of masks, strict sanitation practices and use of gloves in classes. Cinnamon Basil - A mild variety of basil with a spicy, cinnamon-tinged flavor. In cooking, sweet basil is the most popular variety in the U.S., but people also use lemon basil, clove basil, cinnamon basil, and other types. When using dried Basil we add it a bit before the end of cooking time so that it has time to release its flavours. Dried Basil needs to be used in a slightly different way from fresh sweet basil herb. Before using basil in your cooking, make sure to wash the leaves thoroughly and pat them dry. Sweet basil is typically used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Thai Basil (aka licorice basil) - A variety commonly used in Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisine known for its smaller, darker leaves and spicy, anise-heavy flavor. Uses of basil as a cooking herb in the kitchen: Basil is an essential herb in Italian cooking where it is the main ingredient of pesto. Although it’s native to India, basil is used in a wide number of cuisines, from Italian to Thai and Vietnamese foods. If you want an intense basil flavor in your dish, wait till the cooking process to add fresh basil. Cooking School: Cooking classes now offer hands-on, demonstration or virtual experience. This way it retains more of its flavour. While sweet basil might be the most commonly used variety, there are several different kinds, each with a unique flavor profile.

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