I was very happy to get to eventually get to the Master stages, however once I got to this level I spent three to four hours trying to pass it with now unlimited continues. This stage is pure evil and will torture you unless you get lucky and manage to get pass all of them. There's two ways to do it, 1. Many fans consider the hardest floor in the game a tie between Master Floor 9 and Master Floor 3 . Super Monkey Ball is a series of arcade-style platform games created by Sega's Amusement Vision division. Ah yes. If you look at it, you might as well give up because this stage will give you a lot of problems. How the HELL is this ranked lower than Polar? Though dating back to an Arcade Game running on the Sega Dreamcast-like NAOMI hardware, Super Monkey Ball was Sega's first major franchise to bypass their own consoles entirely. It moves so fast that you'll fall out immediately if you get the timing wrong by.25 seconds. Unlike Advanced and Expert, Beginner stages rarely utilize puzzles or advanced mechanics, focusing solely on giving the player a chance to learn about and practice the game. This stage is such a huge maze and it is obviously the king of all mazes. A tough stage for an early appearence.I thought it was OK, however some days I would lose a life or all my lives; so I would always dread this stage and hoped to get through it. I didn't know about the fall shortcut. Though there is a pattern, it is nearly impossible to execute for even the best players. Also, the arrows pointing up the side of the cylinder can be obstacles as you can bounce off of them and fly off the edge of the stage. The gameplay is similar to the famous Marble Madness arcade game, with one important difference: MONKEYS! Master 5 SMB1Master 15 SMBDXVery Difficult It's By Luck To Beat It. This stage is sure going to make you scream and throw your controller out the window. There's barely any space for movement and it's extremely frustrating when you fall off at the end. The only Master stage that was in Monkey Ball, the original Arcade version. The problem is that you have to avoid the huge arthropod's leg, avoid falling in the gaps by going to slow, and avoid missing the goal by going too fast. The stage for most people including me is impossible without the skips, because 60 seconds is not enough time without the skips, the bridge is way too thin to move quickly through without falling off. A lot of people know this stage and this is the first stage to have the highest difficulty. The Expert Extra Floors must be beaten without using a continue to unlock this difficulty mode. A MASTER STAGE. This is so hard because it's a large stage and contains a huge slide that you must balance on. I never made it, nearly lost my mind and actually never picked it up ever again.I made it to the final two moving squares many many times but just kept falling; the physics are different to all other areas as the platforms slide from under you instead of you moving along with the platforms. This stage is on world 10. This stage simarler to polar large in this stage you are in moving platforms you are on and you going to fall of the stage. This stage is so unfair because it's so early in the expert stages. You kind of have to do this dance with trying to roll with the platforms perfectly whilst moving between them whilst controlling the camera too, and if the camera is facing the wrong way it can get very disorientating as to how quickly the platform is moving. The Master music on repeat still haunts me to this day. I mean, I guess they thought it was too easy for a Master stage, but it's too hard for one of the first stages in Expert. Man I suck. And it's extreme difficulty prevents most of the players from exploring the expert stages and unlocking master and expert extra. In Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, after reaching the Master Floors, they can be played without having to go through the expert stages at any time. Seriously this stage is horrible. This level in my opinion is number 1 hardest of all Monkey Ball. THEM TRACKS! It is usually the hardest difficulty before going on to Master and consists of very challenging stages. Hardest stage in master extra! This level in my opinion is number 1 hardest of all Monkey Ball. So many times, I've landed on the top platform, then missed the goal because my aim was slightly off. If you pass this stage, you will be deemed a monkey god. Expert is a difficulty level in the Super Monkey Ball series. Also found in master, this stage is a balance stage that has 90 degree turns that gets smaller and smaller as you get closer to the goal. This stage is for all the masters who think they can dodge everything. It has three different parts, an extremely narrow ramp that's basically just the one from Expert 7/ Exam C, incredibly fast moving platforms that are really hard to get on, and a ribbon you have to ride all the way down to the goal. It's really hard to switch to different sides while the console is moving. Wait till time hits 40.00 then run through to get to the goal. This one is waay harder than 19th place, something about balancing a circular object on another circular object is incredibly difficult. The Expert Extra Floors must be beaten without using a continue to unlock this difficulty mode. If this is your first time playing this stage, expect a bunch of fall outs because this stage requires practice and also a strategy. Period. Then you have to encounter these moving blocks in which features a ton of speed, and last you need to go down a slope with requires a lot of balance. These stages will beat you up with frustration and make you cry. THIS SHOULD NOT BE IN BEGINNER!AND WHY WOULD THEY PUT IT IN STAGE 39 THE SECOND TO LAST STAGE?IT'S STUPID!THIS LEVEL IS A BIG CHEAT! 1 Monkey Ball 1.1 Floors 1.2 Extra Floors 2 Super Monkey Ball 2.1 Extra Stages 3 Super Monkey Ball 2 3.1 Extra Stages 4 Super Monkey Ball Adventure Monkey Ball features 50 floors, along with 10 extra floors. Wow this stage is unbelievably hard for advanced extra stages. The platform you have to land on is pretty small, and if you miss, you'll likely go flying off the edge of the stage. Master 3 has gotta be the hardest level in super monkey ball 1. I always pass the thin bridge and then jump off to hit the goal, which actually worked once. This stage gives me a lot of problems. This stage is so hard. Very hard, took me at least 100 tries to pass it the first time. Not to mention the goal is a lot higher than the "notch" so you have to be incredibly precise to even have a chance! I have never completed it without making at least one jump over the bridge, and the level is 1000 times harder if you aren't using baby. super monkey ball 1's hardest level - Aug 2, 05 All Super Monkey Ball Forums Neoseeker Forums » Gameboy Advance » Super Monkey Ball Jr. » Monkey Ball 2's most difficult level The tracks on this level are really thin! THEY SOULD HAVE PUT ON EXPERT OR SOMETHING! I've only been able to beat this stage by falling off one of the platforms, which proves how hard this stage really is. If you don't know where you're going, just kill yourself already. There's so much things that will cause you to die especially the long curvy platform which is bound to make you fail. The hardest stage in super monkey ball history. Even when you do land on the platform, the goal is rotating around the side of the platform, so you have to be going in a very precise direction, and then land in the goal. The goal is even on the side of the stage! This stage has platforms and this ring spinning around and when you get hit it's reduculus so I use aiai and I got hit and r.I.p aiai the monkey. But this time, there's so much happening on the board. These stages are extremely difficult and requires a lot of practice. So many poles circling around and you have to get through all of them. It is completely impossible to beat this stage the way it was intended. Later that year, it was released as a GameCube game. Across the V, tracing the moving squares and rectangles, and spiraling down to the goal. Hardest Super Monkey Ball Stages This list includes every stage from smb1, smb2 and smbdx. Take it slow too and you will get extremely mad if you fall. This game is sometimes considered harder than its sequel . This stage is simaler to polar large its platforms moves to fast, Unbuffered catwalk is pretty much impossible. Well, I found out that in the Japanese commercial for this game, there's beta footage showing this stage as a master stage. Prepare for the hardest stages you will ever encounter on super monkey ball. Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake's middle.Also, this game deserves to be in Expert Extra. Yeah, all you can do is hope to get lucky here. This stage is like randomizer but filled with domes instead of squares. "I spent at least 1 hour trying to beat this stage the first time I ever reached it(Which was on Deluxe, I never reached Master in Super Monkey Ball 1). The hardest and cruelest stage on expert mode. This stage takes the cake for being one of the hardest stages in the Super Monkey Ball franchise. Plus they curve! This also applies to getting to … For me the chequered section was the hardest and most unpredictable; I used the method of rolling fast into the alternating sides in the hope that I would bounce to the other side.

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