These cards are staples of EDH for a reason. You can look at Modern Jund for an example of how this is correctly done. Despite the success of those decks, I’m going to offer you something different. You can look at Modern Jund for an example of how this is correctly done. Tasigur, the Golden Fang was in the sideboard at first, to enable ferocious for Feed the Clan, but we noticed that we were always boarding him in, and since our opponents weren’t shaving removal post-board he deserved a spot maindeck. This left no room for Haven of the Spirit Dragon, which is only good if the game goes really long, and with Den Protector it’s a reasonable cut. It serves to get things out of your opponent’s hand that you don’t want them to have. This deck utilizes a lot of removal in the form of creature removal, counterspells, and hand removal to control the state of the battlefield. You don't need evasion when there are not creatures on the opp's side to evade. While they do remove an opponent's permanent, they also create a token that can be shuffled around. ... information. I’m not sure if Thoughtseize is better than Dissolve, because sometimes you want to remove their counterspell to resolve your Languish, but you really don’t want to lose 2 life, and leaving mana up to counter a burn spell is always welcome. As far as creatures, these are the most effective ones that help get you more cards into your hand and lands on the battlefield. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. The clan rules from Kheru Temple, deep in the jungles.Shu Yun regarded them as the protectors of the other Clans from the horrors that lurked within the jungles and swamplands. This week I took for a Test Drive the Sultai Control deck. It hurts to cut a Dig Through Time, but Tasigur, the Golden Fang is very important to keep all the Satyrs and other creatures from attacking while surviving Languish. The deck is only playing four scry lands because the Sultai Ascendancy's already are providing a permanent … Gaining 3 life while attacking in for 6 is a great way to keep the opponent down. Sultai Delirium is in a similar vein as Modern Jund or The Rock. CardHoarder 352.99 TIX. When you do bring her out, you gain control of your opponent on their next turn. Duress should help you figure out your game plan. Without Tasigur, the Golden Fang you take too much damage from random creatures, and every 2/2 on the opponent’s side matters. The games were always very close and it’s important to draw Tasigur, the Golden Fang to pressure them very early. That’s all I have for today. An unanswered Scavenging Ooze or Tireless Tracker can get out of hand and wreak some havoc if you need it to. We board in 2 insane cards for this matchup. The extra card draw from it can spell the difference between a win or a loss, but it can actually be a liability in some match-ups (especially a mirror in which the board gets gummed up and the game is determined by milling out). You could argue that 5 Ultimate Price effects are too many, but the fact that Sultai Charm can be used to draw cards mitigates this problem. ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. Weather you cast it for the normal 3 mana or the escape cost, being able to gain 3 life, draw a card, and put an extra land into play is great. Once you have their board cleared (or close to it) and the Ruse loop online, you just play the attrition game with inevitable card advantage. Now for the rest of the creatures. Lastly, Jace becomes even better post sideboard as it puts your opponent in a peculiar situation where together with Tireless Tracker forces them to keep removals against a deck which removals are inherently bad against, as Swedish Sultai thrives on any 1 for 1 trade it can make to slow the game down. Sultai Charm and Far/Away act as removal to ensure that the creatures get through. Although its not relevant in most match ups, her anthem ability prevents the opponent from causing you to discard cards and sacrifice permanents. The ultimate is usually game over so they have to be worried about it, and last but not least they sometimes mill themselves with multiple Satyr Wayfinder triggers and Ashiok can be a good finisher. Here’s why: in certain Sultai builds you want card advantage and the ability to hold up Cryptic Commands and removal, and discarding a card every turn puts a damper on this. Planeswalkers are really good against them as they usually don’t have any ways to remove them from play other than to attack them with creatures. It’s like the old Affinity deck in Modern not actually having any cards with Affinity. Ashiok is a must kill card for them and if they use a Hero’s Downfall on it that’s one fewer answer to Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and other planeswalkers, meanwhile it will grind down the game stealing Courser of Kruphix and Siege Rhinos. It’s not really worth it since mill is not the strategy here. That’s why you need a massive sideboard such as 4 Feed the Clan and 2 Drown in Sorrow to overcome it post-board. I chose to board out Disdainful Stroke because you don’t want too many reactive cards, otherwise you end up losing to random creatures that attack you. I covered pretty much all the archetypes, if you have some more questions or want more sideboard plans ask in the comments and I will be glad to answer you. I’ve never played this matchup, but I saw some teammates fighting it at the Pro Tour. There are a lot of good decks in Pioneer right now and, unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to cover all of them right when they pop up or come into popularity. Thoughtseize is preemptive removal for any spell our opponent has in hand. We figured out that Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy would be a high-impact card in the metagame, as well as Mono-Red, so we wanted more 2-mana removal spells. This was the deck list that we all played: Den Protector and Jace may become an easy 4-of, but we couldn’t find room for them without cutting the mandatory 4 Satyr Wayfinders or removal spells. Overall we had a poor win percentage, but Mark Jacobson clinched 12th place with a 7-2 (+ID) Constructed record. For planeswalkers, I already mentioned Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy which transforms into Jace, Telepath Unbound. Overall the matchup is favorable but they can have some nut-draws that can’t be beaten. Emrakul normally costs 13 to cast but that can be decreased by having card types in the graveyard. That’s where these bad boys come in—they are the next closest thing to Terminate. The ultimate is usually game over so they have to be worried about it, and last but not least they sometimes mill themselves with multiple Satyr Wayfinder triggers and Ashiok can be a good finisher. Edit. Beast Within can even be used as removal for any permanent, including our own creatures. I suggest you hold Feed The Clan until you play Tasigur if you are not in desperate need of some life. Six of us ended up playing Sultai Control. Not much to say here, board out removal spells and board in counters, discard spells, and Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. Or if you have been attacking and blocking with the 2/3 Nightmare tokens, you can -7 to cast up to three cards that have been exiled face up without paying their mana costs. For creatures, the deck runs Satyr Wayfinder, Tireless Tracker, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, and Scavenging Ooze. Removal is iffy, and the threats are outclassed.

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