To go to prison because of your convictions and be prepared to suffer for what you believe in, is something worthwhile. A small village on good land beside a river is a good idea; but when the village grows into a city and paves over the good land, it becomes a bad idea. Love is too powerful to hide for very long. Either you suffer the consequences of not noticing your fault forever or, one day, you do notice it, and fix it. No more prolonging the inevitable. And when you don't, well, you suffer the consequences.”, “Food is available, but it cannot be shipped into an area, so the people in that area suffer the consequences.”, “I would come to learn that the alpha female can read every single bit of food you put into your body. You may not agree, but always consider the voice(s) that have consistently kept it real.”, “I think one of the defining moments of adulthood is the realization that nobody's going to take care of you. Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old consequences quotes, consequences sayings, and consequences proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. It was as if I had been playing Russian roulette and finally got the cylinder with the bullet in it.”, “The story of how shit got in our meat is the story of one of the central characteristics of carnism, and of other violent ideologies: the system depends on a constituency of indirect victims, inadvertent victims who not only suffer the consequences of the system, but who also help that system by unwittingly participating in their own victimization. To see you crash and burn is the gratification of [the] 'yes folk' lurking in your corner. 950 matching entries found. Yeah, you get this great work, but you suffer. If you do good, you will have happiness; if you do bad, you yourself suffer.”, “It is the people who have no say in making wars who suffer from the consequences of them.”, “Religion is like our appendix, a vestigial remnant from a primitive past. The women have the suffering of the abortion. Think of it as an adult spanking.”, “Civilization is an experiment, a very recent way of life in the human career, and it has a habit of walking into what I am calling progress traps. Christ succeeded and actually provided the remedy to sin and death.”, “Real loved one's aren't afraid, and will suggest to you, what's in your best interest ... because they wouldn't want too see you suffer the consequences of your, sideways, emotional impulse(s). From the young boys I met in the demobilization camps in Sierra Leone to the suicide bombers of Palestine and Chechnya, to the young terrorists who fly planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we can no longer afford to ignore them. When trust is broken, sorry means nothing. Enjoy reading and share 74 famous quotes about Suffer The Consequences with everyone. That we may live to see England once more possess a free Monarchy and a privileged and prosperous People, is my Prayer; that these great consequences can only be brought about by the energy and devotion of our Youth is my persuasion. Shrek (2001) Down you go, a whole new flight of hidden steps.There are always more.”, “It is always the case that both victim and perpetrator suffer the consequences of any acts of violence, oppression, or brutality.”, “Many have thought it unfair that all of us should suffer the consequences of their offense. The more we are using clean energy, renewable energy sources, the less environmentally problematic facilities end up being a problem for everybody, but particularly for folks who have to suffer the consequences of some of these facilities. For it is by doing things that one becomes transformed. Consequences Sayings and Quotes. Or perhaps our god will simply be shelved along with Zeus and Jupiter. 50 quotes on consequences everything we do has consequences. Many, it seems, "have to learn the hard way" through suffering the consequences of their actions. The first kiss is the one that you suffer the consequences of. Quotations list about suffering the consequences, judging and judgment captions for Instagram citing Benjamin Disraeli, Harry Browne and Lawson Purdy men sayings. To the extent there is any reason to be hopeful, perhaps that's where we'll end up here. It's often the way that people who take their work seriously laugh at stupid jokes; it's as if they are under-humored and, as a consequence, suffer from premature laugh-ejaculation. Suffering Quotes. To all those who have suffered as a consequence of our troubled past I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. I was a perpetrator at one time and suffered severe consequences. “ In short, my vision of a responsible free society is one in which we discourage evil, but do not prohibit it. As to the rout that is made about people who are ruined by extravagance, it is no matter to the nation that some individuals suffer. Movie quotes. Just as men can be promiscuous, women can, too, and go for one night stands without consequences. The Best Choices and Consequences Quotes. The pathetic refrain of recent years --'Nobody saw this coming'--is always a self-serving lie. Clumsy, untutored, cheats never prosper. I read a story the other day, which at first seemed cute, but as the message sinks in, it teaches a much deeper lesson" Little Emily, the minister's daughter, ran … But the ape in us knows it's not true. They must suffer the consequences of their own mistakes and learn by their own failures and their own successes. And those consequences, they're coming. To let out that breath and suffer the consequences or to keep holding on no matter what it does to me.”, “The great news is that God knows everything about you, both good and bad, and He still loves you and values you unconditionally. We make our children and students aware of the consequences of drug abuse and other forms of irresponsible behavior. In consequence of our limited ideas of the sufferings of Christ, we place a low estimate upon the great work of the atonement. Their failure meant that we are doomed to death and a disordered world full of sin. I want them to become people who appreciate the consequences the next generation will suffer if we destroy our natural surroundings. In a free society, individuals must have the right to do right or wrong, as long as they don't threaten or infringe upon the rights or property of others. Anna Maria Chavez. However, if you put fools on notice then they'll be forced to snap to attention and act right or suffer the consequences. Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. You don't have the right to demand that someone else take care of you because of your habits.”, “I'd rather suffer the consequences of truth than of silence.”, “A BUSINESSMAN cannot force you to buy his product; if he makes a mistake, He suffers the consequences; if he fails, he takes the loss. And because of that, I have made choices. But after all our persuading, if they still want to use harmful drugs, that is their privilege. So today I’d like to share a collection of the best words of encouragement that I’ve found over the years. Acknowledge it and suffer the consequences. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions; and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity.

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