More recently, however, there has been a growing recognition that a teacher’s subject knowledge is vitally important. Subject knowledge is prime factor in good teaching, experts say, Nicky Morgan tells pupils: study Stem subjects to keep your options open, Teachers should not be guides or experts, just 'friends', Coronavirus: 'Tell us how many teachers have died'. If we accept that subject knowledge is important to successful teaching, what can we do to improve the knowledge we have? Developing effective learning through emotional engagement in the teaching of ethics, A good start: The pedagogical challenge of engaging prior knowledge for all pupils, The impact of introducing thinking skills through ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ (P4C) into a Year 2 class, Learning science and the teachable moment: The importance of the interactions between factors that affect learning. 2. In contrast the least effective teachers spent only 11 minutes presenting new material.’ (p. 14). Tes Global Ltd is In: Jones M and Lambert D (eds). Social media has certainly made developing subject knowledge easier than ever, with communities of teachers willing to share resources and discuss teaching difficult concepts. In the example above, about teaching appropriate technology, I would need not only knowledge of this concept and examples like the Play Pump scheme, but also knowledge of aquifers and different forms of aid. 3. More recently, however, there has been a growing recognition that a teacher’s subject knowledge is vitally important. In a review of research behind effective teaching, Coe et al. Don’t feel guilty about this time – the research shows that little else will improve your teaching as much. Mitchell Chester, education commissioner for Massachusetts in the US, said improving the quality of teaching was “the crux” of the challenge in schools. Schools and the wider community: Approaches and outcomes, Knowledge, skills, character and values within the curriculum, Skilful questioning: The beating heart of good pedagogy, Cognitive Load Theory and its application in the classroom, Interim Issue: Evidence-informed Practice, Issue 7: Arts, creativity and cultural education, Issue 9: Learning, leadership and teacher expertise, Issue 10: Developing evidence-informed teaching techniques to support effective learning, Special issue: Youth social action and character education, Special Issue January 2019: Education Technology. Look for a wider community of teachers on social media, at conferences and at TeachMeets and join in. But he said specialist knowledge was vital to inspire a love of science in pupils, particularly at primary level. Podcast: GCSEs 2021 - when will teachers get certainty? Massachusetts is consistently the highest performing state in the US in national tests. Conditions. Dr Chester, speaking at the Mayor of London’s education conference, said there was still “tremendous variation” in impact between teachers, but rather than identify and remove the weak performers he said the solution was to focus on teacher improvement. Ten years on, Cordingley P, Higgins S and Greany T (2015), Firth R (2018) Recontextualising geography as a school subject. This was reflected in a national curriculum that was light on specific content and remote from developments at the ‘frontiers of the subject’ ((Marsden, 1997), p. 241). An effective teacher should demonstrate ability in each of these categories.Subject knowledge is important as without it teachers cannot hope to deliver the requirements of the curriculum effectively. Square Some taught by giving a series of short presentations using many examples, providing elaboration that proved useful for processing new material. Plan in time to develop your subject knowledge in the same way you would set aside time for marking or developing resources. However, the content in academic journals and books can feel very far removed from the subject at school level. Strong subject knowledge is the most important component of being a good teacher, a major education conference has heard.

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