Jesus of Suburbia is just a regular guy trying to live life, then he meets "Whatsername" or in other terms, his "Extraordinary girl". I think its more of a dr. Jeckell/mr.hyde thing, jos does drugs and mentally transforms into St. Jimmy, JOS and st jimmy are the same person but with 2 different personalties a rebel side and a inner softer side Billie Joe (the main singer) wrote this song because it reminds him of him self he has a wife and kids (his softer side) but still feels like a rebel inside :). The original 70's in breed of the sex pistol, anarchy movement. (function() { JoS thinks he is a different person and speaks of him like a different person but really it is just his alter-ego. The album's story is largely indeterminate, as the group was unsure of where to lead the plot's third quarter. In Homecoming, the main character gets sick of being a punk and therefore, St. Jimmy kills himself. This is about a run-of-the-mill punk kid that the main character of the record, Jesus Of Suburbia, creates in his mind to make himself less vulnerable toward the world. St. Jimmy is JOS's "rage" counterpart. The almost demonic alter-ego of Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy is the patron saint of Chaos and the Underground. Making the word "estaBUSHment". Macayla, Theyre asking you what the song meant.Not how the song connect with the whole cd. St Jimmy, a character from the album and Broadway musical American Idiot; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Saint James. Not only would he be a great husband but an even better father to a few kids. The Def Leppard frontman talks about their "lamentable" hit he never thought of as a single, and why he's juiced by his Mott The Hoople cover band. It could be two different people, I don't know. song: "St. Jimmy", artist: "Green Day", St James's is located just outside Leeds City Centre on Beckett Street . All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. All and all the song is describing who saint jimmy is and what he does" he's a teenage assasin executing some fun in the cult life of crime" just really making a f*** you statement to the town he lives in, unlike the pussy, emotional jesus of suburbia. From the first words of the introduction of Jimmy he's being described as this awesome son of a bitch shining with coolness - the kind of guy easily impressible teenage boys would want to be. I don't know if you all know the story about the whole "American Idiot" album in general, it's all a story about JOS - a random, regular kid who has problems. He's pretty sexy. "Its my own private suicide". “Jimmy's”, as it is affectionately known, is internationally famous as Europe’s largest teaching hospital. He will care about you like your part of his life from the moment he meets you, as long as you have a kind heart as well. St. Jimmy's comin' down across the alleyway Up on the boulevard like a zip gun on parade Light of a silhouette He's insubordinate Coming at you on the count of 1,2,1,2,3,4! The lyric to "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips was inspired by Chynna Phillips' struggles with addiction. Seeing as to how Jimmy is a user and whatnot.. and many people use drugs as an escape from all their troubles. He would make an excellent husband because he's caring, halarious, handsome, and overall a great guy. The song is just explaining the Character. }; var opts = { In the american album its the story of "Jesus of Suburbia" and "Whatsername". And then on rock 'n' roll girlfriend it says I got a kid in new york and I got a kid in the bay. 'St.Jimmy' is the side of JOS that is more upbeat and rebelious then his usual self. His wings are the blood and carnage of the urban jungle. so this song is a bout your run of the mill punk rockin badd ass. Not only would he be a great husband but an even better father to a few kids. American Idiot ist ein Musical.Die Show ist eine Adaption von Green Days Konzeptalbum des gleichen Namens.Zusätzliche Green-Day-Songs wurden in das Stück integriert, wie vom Album 21st Century Breakdown, B-Seiten und das zuvor unveröffentlichte Lied When It's Time.Das Buch wurde von Green Days Frontsänger und Songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong geschrieben, Regie führt Michael Mayer. The song is also believed to have certain political overtones. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) I have heard the whole disc american idiot and I believe that JOS and St. jimmy are the same person; in the final part of the video jesus of suburbia; he writes "st. jimmy " with his own blood so that means that he decided to start a new life leaving all his past back,in order to this he starts a life in the city as "St. jimmy" leaving his old personality (jos) in jingletown. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ The songs between Jesus of Suburbia and St Jimmy (Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, and Are We the Waiting) are JOS's escape from Suburbia to the City and having the night of his life(Holiday), the come down from that wonderful time(Boulevard of Broken dreams), and a period of depression/coming down off his meds(Are We the Waiting). Nothing having to do with the government or anything. I love St. Jimmy. That's when he really starts with drugs,sex,and drinking and stuff like that. A Soul Train dancer takes us through a day on the show, and explains what you had to do to get camera time. It s on Jimmy s chest when he kills himself in the American Idiot opera. Soul Train Stories with Stephen McMillian, Waiting For The Break of Day: Three Classic Songs About All-Nighters. When Jesus loses Whatsername, his tough side dies ("Jimmy died today, he blew his brains out into the bay"), and he reverts back to the vulnerable Jesus Of Suburbia. On the lyrics for St. Jimmy, when it says "A needle in the vein of the establishment" The 'L' and 'I' in 'establishment' kinda look like a u. Icona Pop considers "I Love It" a kiss-off to their boyfriends: "we just wanted to get the song out and get the pigs to hear it," Jawo said. So if st. Jimmy is the rebel side of jos, then how come when st. Jimmy dies he goes back to jos? And I think green day said that when jos leaves,he meets st. Jimmy. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you follow the story in American Idiot and try to understand each song, you learn that St. Jimmy is not a real person, but an alter-ego created by the main character. In a way I think it may have been JOS's escape from all the shit that had been going down in his life. JoS and St jimmy are like Tyler Durden and that other dude in fight club. He was born with a pistol in his right hand and a syringe in his left. For maps, directions and car parking information please click here. He's pretty cool. It is quite possible that the frustration in Are We the Waiting is related not only to Jesus' feelings, but also to the author's attitude towards the current situation in world politics. His motavation is to be as arrogant and pissed off as he can be. I believe that JoS created st jimmy because he didn't have the strength to keep going through all the shit but jimmy did. He starts to rebel and basically be the ultimate punk. most of u are saying that st. jimmy and JOS r the same people, which i agree to, but idont think JOS is a milder side of jimmy, more of just a title because if u listen to the song JOS,he is still depicted as a sort of teenage anarchist. document.write('
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