View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles 04-02-2019 10:48 PM 0 Comments. No longer under the control of Purge, Jaguar informs Ulala and her friends that Purge has built “a fearsome Ballistic Groove Gun” from all of the satellites that have been stolen. He attempts to take out the entire mass of Morolia, the place where his TV Show was supposed to take off, with his Ballistic Groove Gun (now just one modified satellite), but Fuse miracously turns up and urges Ulala to defeat Purge. Buy Dreamcast Collection BUNDLE (?) Once Ulala fires enough blasts of her rescue beam, Jaguar, who nearly became free several times during the ‘game’, comes back for good. In order to ensure improved graphics, levels will stop mid way through a report and load the next part. For "down", Ulala lowers only her right hand, her left hand containing her microphone. [63] The magazine also inducted the game into their Platinum Hall of Fame. The Dreamcast version of Space Channel 5: Part 2 was released in Japan, and available through the online store of Sega Japan only. [9][13][11] Alongside standard battles, Ulala has battle-style sections where she uses a musical instrument. Ulala is given a certain number of hearts or stars in correspondence to the ratings she has achieved. The performance also extends to the music. A triple "Chu"-charged shot is amassed in the ship's antenna, and a shot is fired in the same manner as was done to Chief Blank. All together, they ascend in the same transport pod Jaguar had arrived on. Space Reporter Ulala once again battles cosmic ne'er do wells using the gift of dance and a sassy attitude, in her second adventure, Space Channel 5 Part 2. He is saved by Ulala at the end of Report 5. [7][9] The aim in each level is to defeat enemies, win boss encounters, and rescue citizens. In the first game, Morolians were brainwashed by Blank into attacking people and forcing them to dance. [50], The localization was troublesome for Sega due to the song lyrics; they needed to translate it into English while keeping the meaning and roughly the same number of syllables. [63][69] Game Informer writer, Justin Leeper, complimented the game for being harder than its predecessor and offering more replay value. In the music video game Space Channel 5: Part 2, players take on the role of Ulala, a reporter working for the titular news channel in a 1960s-styled science fiction future filled with competing news channels. With her bodyguards, groupies and her catchphrase "It's me, Pudding!" She carries with her trusty microphone and two guns. You sometimes are required to push two or more directions before shooting. [40][41] Two remix albums were also released, featuring both arrangements of tracks from Part 2 and short audio dramas; Exciting Non-Stop Mega Mix on June 21, and Mojimoji Can't Stop Remix on June 24. [10][11][12] There are six buttons that match actions on-screen; the directional pad buttons, and two action buttons which are presented with the respective vocalizations "chu" and "hey". before blasting him off into the galaxy with the help of her friends in a triple "chu" blast. Ulala responds "Purge! [34] Namba was brought aboard the project in May 2001, and was initially overwhelmed by both the project and the game's musical style. Alternating between copying the mecha's moves and shooting at Purge as he moves across the wall of the Core in his hovercraft, the young, giddy genius decides to play a little game: a dance battle in reverse. His amazing voice provides a massive source of groove energy that Purge uses for evil. [23] Space Channel 5: Part 2 was the last title developed by United Game Artists prior to Sega's internal restructuring in 2003, when it was incorporated into the newly-formed Sonic Team studio. [19] Returning staff included Mizuguchi as producer, original art director Yumiko Miyabe as director, lead designer and writer Takumi Yoshinaga, and artist Mayumi Moro as art director. [23] The game later received a standalone digital release for 360 on October 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 5. Through a tough battle consisting of taunting, back talk, and robot babies, the mechs are toppled. Ulala simply danced in SC5. Boss Moro was one of the last Morolians Ulala had to face before confronting Blank. A reporter from Channel 42, who usually shows up early on in the games. The heart count can be increased with good performance. $7.99 Add to Cart. Noize shouts for her. [46] It received a limited edition in the region, featuring a pair of silver headphones and carrying case. Afterwards, the hearts dissolve into a spark, fly back to where the percent reappears and adds itself to the percentage. A direct sequel to the 1999 game Space Channel 5, the game was published for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in Japan in February 2002 by Sega. item 7 SPACE CHANNEL 5 Part 2 with SPINE CARD * 1726 Sega dc 6 - SPACE CHANNEL 5 Part 2 with SPINE CARD * 1726 Sega dc. [47] The PS2 version later received a budget PS2 the Best release on December 12. Space Channel 5 Part 2 Review - Sega Dreamcast. While the original game was developed first for Dreamcast and production was focused on this version, Part 2 saw simultaneous development for Dreamcast and PS2 and was the second game developed by the team for Sony's console. Noize manages to rescue Ulala, but the Astrobeat Jr. runs out of power. Copies are still sold through online auctions, by enterprising individuals, as being a "rare, unreleased game". Archives. [13][14] Ulala's health is represented as hearts in standard gameplay, with the game ending if Ulala runs out of hearts. This version was published by Agetec on November 18, 2003. This means that instead of just plain "shoot," you can also be required to hold X to get a "shooooooooooooooooooot". by . Free shipping. [3][49] This release was the game's first appearance in the UK. After being rescued by Ulala from the Rhythm Rogues, Michael uses his singing skills against Purge the King. [11] Peter Garden of Play Magazine enjoyed the sequel far more than its predecessor, citing the upgrade to full 3D graphics and improvements to input responses. As far as gameplay and visuals go, there aren't any recognizable changes in the Playstation 2 port of Space Channel 5: Part 2 (aside from the obvious: it's in English for the first time). (Nice feature!) Both groups eventually meet for onboard the Space Police vessel, the Playgirl, for a drum battle. Includes 7 items: Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure DX, Space Channel 5: Part 2, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS Into Dreams, Sonic Adventure 2. [23] Part 2 only released in North America as part of the Special Edition release including the original Space Channel 5. [25], The soundtrack saw multiple album releases; the original two each had three of the six reports, in addition to tracks from the Ulala's Dance mode with vocals. $100.00 +$20.00 shipping. However, in Space Channel 5 Special Edition, some things have been altered from the original version. Seed bombs, throwing star-flowers, and vicious vines aren't enough to deter the pink-haired woman and the true form of Pon Piriri is revealed as a mecha. Inside, Shadow introduces Ulala to the real leader of the troupe, Purge. The President of the galaxy has been taken hostage by the Rhythm Rogues. The dance commands merely use the existing movement buttons. Once the game has been completed and the credits roll, the player has the option of playing through a more difficult version of the game. These range from the costumes that she normally wears to skins of her friends and foes alike to unique clothing. Originally the "A" or "X" button would have the characters say "shoot", but now they say "chu". The PlayStation 2 version was released in Europe (except for the UK) in 2003, and was released in North America in 2003 as part of a sole package called Space Channel 5 Special Edition which included the original game, Space Channel 5. In SC5, the graphic that switches between Ulala and the person you are dancing against quickly enlarged, switched to the other graphic and made a "ZAP" sound.

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