Built with a hardwood frame and solid wood legs, the Divana Roma mid-century modern sofa has all the characteristics described above. (It's not the same thing as a sofa bed, which simply folds down flat.) Sofa Trends 2020: new stylish furniture for modern interiors Still, don't be fooled by the reasonable cost. Sectionals are your best bet. Divano Roma Furniture Mid-Century Modern Sofa Seat, $430, Houzz. Project 62 Bellingham Chaise Sofa, $613, Target. ", Mercury Row Cunniff Sofa, $303.99, Wayfair. The two rounded bolster cushions warm up the style without taking up too much room, and the foam-filled cushions give it a medium-firm feel for those who prefer some structure. Its design includes the modern sofa that "the internet can't stop talking about," but on the left side, you'll find an extended chaise for optimized relaxation. There are loads of other creative designs that utilize space and materials in brilliant ways. Curved sofas come in all different styles and colors, but due to the contemporary, sleek feel, they pair especially well with a mid-century modern aesthetic. This pick is a must-have for 2020 because it expertly marries comfort with luxe, modern details. When it comes to this Modernica daybed, you don't have to worry about purchasing an additional mattress. However, instead of a rounded backrest that curves toward the center, this sofa is boxy in every aspect. If you love functional, minimalist rooms, a mid-century modern couch will optimize your space and contribute to the clean style. For another, it's available in multiple fabric finishes, including pet-friendly and safeguard, and each category has tons of colors to choose from. It's also important to note that while there is a general category for every couch, most come in loads of different designs, and oftentimes the characteristics do overlap  — so feel free to mix and match the features as you see fit. But before you dive head-first into into the shopping experience, there are a few things that require a little research. This allows for amplified seating options while simultaneously helping your guests reach their drinks. Zipline Convertible Sofa Bed and Ottomans, $710, Houzz. Last but definitely not least, the foam-fill seats and metal legs come together to create a combination of style and comfort. But its three square ottomans can also be stacked to form a side table or wedged between the couch arms to save space. The design you choose will likely determine the couch's general size, function, and ideal placement in your home, so it's definitely worth considering before you pull out your credit card. Since most options come with the mattress, these sofas are often more expensive than other categories — but if you have house guests, college-age kids, or no spare bedrooms, it's definitely worth the splurge. A great example? While the term usually refers to a single chair, it can be extended to any piece of furniture that includes a longer cushion to support the legs, so you can relax and put your feet up without the need for an ottoman. Modernica Case Study V-Leg Daybed, $2,295, 2Modern. The cushion covers are water-repellent so you can shake off any moisture, and in case of dirt or mildew, they can be removed and tossed in the washing machine, as well. It's important to note, however, that mid-century modern comes in many different looks. It's technically not a loveseat (because it measures 73 inches instead of 71), but since it's both cozy and compact, it's a great way to add a charming touch to a tight living space. The Campaign modern sofa is one of the best Lawson-style couches out there for 2020. While more traditional ones have wooden frames that can give them an upscale but somewhat-stiff impression, more modern ones can be comfortable, laid-back, and a great place for a nap. No one wants to fall in love with a couch only to realize it's not going to work in their space. It combines plush down with durable springs for a feel that buyers call "perfection," and the greige polyester-blend upholstery goes with just about anything. The Burrow Chaise Lounge sofa is one of those pieces. The responsibly sourced wooden legs extend up the arms, which is a nod to the mid-century. (It's also the most affordable couch style there is.). However, while a sofa bed tries to disguise itself as a real couch, a futon is a little more upfront about what it is. Even though Lawson sofas have a traditional appearance, recent designers have added modern flairs to keep this style looking contemporary. Finally, the frame is made from powder-coated steel that's designed to last multiple seasons. The Lonny 2020 Gift Guide: Nearest And Dearest, The Lonny 2020 Gift Guide: BIPOC-Owned Companies, The Lonny 2020 Gift Guide: The Culinary Pro, an article of furniture for sitting or reclining, preferred style for your dream living room, high back that qualifies it for this category, ancient Greek art that depicts goddesses lounging on it, empty corner that you don't know what to do with, Serpentine curved sofa from Meridian Furniture Inc, EU Users: Click here to revoke your choice, California Notice / Do Not Sell My Personal Information. In other words, it's subject to change, as "modern" furniture really just describes anything that's on-trend right now. Here's a great example: the Buxton sofa, which contrasts low, rolled arms against contemporary textiles and squared legs. Take, for example, the Zipline convertible sofa. Filled with dense foam and lined with individually wrapped pocket coils, this couch is definitely something to write home about in terms of plush support — but it's still sleek, compact, and easy to incorporate into a smaller space. In other words, it's a piece of furniture meant for sitting — but the style has come to describe a backless, bench-like sofa that that best suits the space when it's pushed up against a wall. Chambersburg Leather Sectional, $2,069, Wayfair. Square footage will drastically impact the style and size of your ideal couch, and if you narrow those things down now, it'll save you headaches (and maybe even heartaches) later on down the road. The rayon blend has a relaxed, canvas-like appearance, the velvet gives your living space a touch of vintage elegance, and the linen is breathable and luxurious. Architectural Digest calls curved sofas "the style upgrade [your home has] been begging for." For that reason, they have a retro-style feel that you can use to reinvent your entire space. Sometimes you can even remove the covers entirely so you can throw them in the washing machine. The main difference? Those characteristics, when combined with the curved back and tapered arms, give this piece a gorgeous mid-century appeal that amplifies the style in any room. However, they're not the only form of convertible sofa. Speaking of which, the Serpentine curved sofa from Meridian Furniture Inc features gold criss-cross legs and a velvet upholestry in your choice of five colors. Each sofa comes with toss pillows, and you can opt for add-on accessories, like build-in back and side trays. And speaking of comfort, this sofa is injected with a special gel foam, which not only makes for a thick, supportive cushion, but it'll also keep you cooler in the summer months. Characterized by sleek lines, minimalist design aspects, and bold colors, mid-century modern pieces are extremely popular right now. It’s not ideal for a living room because of its firmness level, but it works well in an entryway or at the foot of a bed — especially when you're tight on space. Beachcrest Home Buxton Rolled Arm Sofa, $399, Wayfair. If you're caught between a traditional sofa versus a sectional, style, family size, and footprint are all things worth considering. Most reclining sofas are pretty bulky (all those mechanisms have to fit somewhere), but the Orren Ellis Nakale loveseat seemingly achieves the impossible. The arms are low and set back, while the back support is angled and plush, but because this couch uses only bold, 90-degree angles (right down to the sleek legs), it's significantly more elegant than most. This category includes any couch that transforms into something else using adjustable mechanisms or adaptive pieces. Zipcode Design Morre Loveseat, $317, AllModern. If you have overnight guests, the ottomans fit on top of the seat and the couch splits down the middle to lie flat like an air-mattress. They're also great if you have an empty corner that you don't know what to do with. People who have seen it in person call this style "elegant," "classy," and "high-quality.

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