I hear a lot of people talking about the biggest fish and their PBs, but out of curiosity, there must be some strange stories of people catching tiddlers on large tackle.... so, tell us your story! Thread starter Benito; Start date Dec 22, 2008; Dec 22, 2008. Kinda pokes fun at how fishing shows and fishermen hold the fish up to the camera to make it look bigger. If you want access to members only forums on HSO, you will gain access only when you Sign-in or Sign-Up . Not the smallest fish ever but a funny pic. My buddy and I were having a little competition (pun intended) and this is our current leader. I'm the guy you are looking for as I have caught many that had a hard time biting my #22 Irrestables or the smallest hook that I use. Link to post Share on other sites. Here's a small eye my brother caught. Smallest Fish Ever Caught On A Hook! On a lure? Share this post. I've seen minnow that were larger. Edited January 20, 2018 by Severeexpletive Pic Cheers, Stooby... Jump to content. The smallest fish I ever caught on a lure was a Log Perch. Smallest fish ever caught? Anyone caught anything smaller?? So I can see the biggest fish caught but what’s the smallest fish you’ve ever caught? Until recently the smallest known fish to science was the Plainchin dreamarm, Leptacanthichthys gracilispinis. Thread starter #1. smallest fish ever caught GUESTS. This … However, only one specimen of this fish has ever been caught, so we do not know what the average size of the species is. https://www.facebook.com/CountryBoyPrepper https://www.google.com/+CountryBoyPrepper … It was about two inches long and I didn't know what it was actually called so I took a close up picture of it and sent it to the division of wildlife and they told me it was a Log Perch. We wound up with tiny trout about the same size but I managed to slip and fall down. Once a friend bet me he could catch a smaller fish than me so we went to the river. ... What is the smallest fish you have ever caught? Thanks for watching!

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