Economic Comparison of Four Types of Dairy Farming: Profitable System: It is based on high fodder output and its proper utilization. Table 5.2. The use of increased forage to replace the concentrates to fullest extent in the dairy herd would generally increase the total farm profit. Small-scale dairy farming doesn't always mean small animals! 2. In […] Apart from milk, it produced a quantity of manure. Raising rabbits, bees, microorganisms, birds, ducks, fish, and their likes are also very profitable business. Dairy Farming Profit Loss Calculator. Apart from these five profitable farm animals, there are plenty of other animals that one can raise to earn a promising income. Turning a profit from a small dairy farm. If you have rough or accurate figures of your daily/monthly expenditure and projected or actual income from Dairy Farm, then go to Dairy Farming Calculator to calculate approximate profit using simple questions.. Alternatively, Download our app for Dairy Farming Management i would like to start a dairy farm for me, basically am 25 year old it engineer working in oman now, but i have an interest in dairy farm, currently my house there is a small farm which is not much profitable, so i would like to start with 4 great dairy cows and would like to expand it in future. Dairy Farming. 44. 43. You may go in for pure breeds or cross breeds. P.S. Commercial dairy farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas. We have made a simple Profit and Loss Calculator for Dairy Farming Business.. Gemma Mackenzie 18 January 2012 >More in. Economic Policy: There is a tremendous scope/potential for increasing milk production through profitable dairy farming. Goat Farming. Dairy water buffalo like these cows at Ramini Mozzarella farmstead are rare in the United States, but they produce rich milk. Goats are among the main meat-producing animals worldwide. Profit from the dairy enterprise Net return on investment This shows that by making an investment of 45,500.00 (19), the farmer has received an income of 14,900.00 in 1989 (after setting apart 600.00 to meet the replacement of buildings in 20 years and equipment in 5 … Dairy farming may require slightly high investment in the initial stages, but the profits at the end of it all, suffice to make up for it wonderfully well! Also Read:- Dairy Farming Business Plan – Very Profitable Idea. Dairy; Livestock . In fact, rearing of cross breeds (via artificial insemination) has generally proved to be more profitable.

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