Once again taken by her beauty, and moved by her poverty, he encourages her to dine with him, where, over sirloin and asparagus, he persuades her to leave her sister and move in with him. [12], However, Alfred Kazin—while criticizing Dreiser's style—pointed out that Dreiser's novels had survived and remained influential works. [15] The title of the book was considered by The Newark Sunday News to be the "weakest thing about the book" because it "does not bear the faintest relation to the story. Sister Carrie exposes the hypocrisy of the moral values of the middle class. In 2013, Black Balloon Publishing released Clementine Classics: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, a new version of Sister Carrie annotated by Tumblr literary critic Clementine the Hedgehog. [11] Mencken believed that Dreiser's raw, honest portrayal of Carrie's life should be seen as a courageous attempt to give the reader a realistic view of the life of women in the nineteenth century. The Pennsylvania edition. At the urging of his journalist friend Arthur Henry, Dreiser began writing his manuscript in 1899. Ed. Her first job is a low-paid, arduous position in a factory. [16] An avid supporter and friend, H. L. Mencken referred to Dreiser as "a man of large originality, of profound feeling, and of unshakable courage". Before long, however, she is shocked by the coarse manners of both the male and female factory workers, and the physical demands of the job, as well as the squalid factory conditions, begin to take their toll. Web. Minnie Hanson. Previous Sister Carrie is a study in depth of character; what happens inside Carrie's mind is actually far more important than her outward fortune or trials and tribulation. Sister Carrie: Manuscript to Print. One model supplants another: when she first met Drouet, Carrie found her own sister dull; now, Drouet himself appears dull. Historical Commentary. Removing #book# April 13, 2011. The portrayal of Drouet is intentionally sketchy and shallow, for no subtleties or complexities of action or motivation lie beneath his flashy facade. The night of the production – which Hurstwood attends at Drouet's invitation – both men are moved to even greater displays of affection by Carrie's stunning performance. Carrie's dissatisfaction only increases when she meets Robert Ames, a bright young scholar from Indiana and her neighbor's cousin, who introduces her to the idea that great art, rather than showy materialism, is worthy of admiration. Carrie Meeber, Next He is Carrie ’s first lover and financial provider, and a frequent visitor of Hurstwood ’s saloon. As Hurstwood lounges about, overwhelmed by apathy and foolishly gambling away most of his savings, Carrie turns to New York's theaters for employment and becomes a chorus girl. April 12, 2011. Late 1889. Reduced to standing in line for bread and charity, he commits suicide in a flophouse. Rozga, Margaret. By Theodore Dreiser. [5] Dreiser insisted on publication and 1,008 copies were printed on November 8, 1900. Minnie, Carrie's sister, functions in the novel as a choric figure. He is generous to Carrie, but his generosity springs from his natural egotistical attempt to make Carrie a creature of his desire. from your Reading List will also remove any CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. Neither was it received with the harshness that Dreiser reported. She acquires a sophisticated wardrobe and, through his offhand comments about attractive women, sheds her provincial mannerisms, even as she struggles with the moral implications of being a kept woman. While Carrie and Hurstwood learn to some extent at least that material possessions and smart appearances are false signs of a person's worth, Drouet continues to embrace the materialistic values responsible for Carrie's heartsore sadness and Hurstwood's suicide. His plotlines were also decried as unimaginative, critics citing his lack of education and claiming that he lacked intellectualism. Shy at first, she is warmed and made confident by Drouet's easy manner and flashy clothes. Carrie hates her lifestyle and leaves the Hanson home when Drouet offers her something better. She is the sister of Minnie Hanson and mistress of Drouet and, later, Hurstwood. Detroit: Gale. Ed. In New York, Hurstwood and Carrie rent a flat where they live as George and Carrie Wheeler. 8. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1917. Although he is good-natured and sympathetic, he is prevented from understanding Carrie by his own immaturity. Sister Carrie was a movement away from the emphasis on morals of the Victorian era and focused more on realism and the base instincts of humans. She also senses Minnie and Sven's disapproval of her interest in Chicago's recreational opportunities, particularly the theater. bookmarked pages associated with this title. When she loses her job, her sister and brother-in-law cannot support her, so she becomes Charlie Drouet's mistress. In a final attempt to prove himself useful, Hurstwood becomes a scab, driving a Brooklyn streetcar during a streetcar operator's strike. He still exhibits an “exuberant good-nature” and the two chat pleasantly. [15], While some viewed his work as grammatically and syntactically inaccurate, others found his detailed storytelling intriguing. He frequently gave up on it but Henry urged him to continue. [15], Several critics complained the title made the book sound as if the main character is a nun. Ironically, it is Drouet who affects Carrie's life most drastically, planning her debut as an actress, introducing her to Hurstwood, and above all, making her aware of herself as a woman; nevertheless, Drouet himself remains unchanged and insensitive to the changes he has wrought. Drouet tells him that Carrie is going to take a part in the play. "[15] The novel has also been praised for its accurate depiction of the protests in New York and the city life in Chicago. Throughout the novel, Carrie is always chasing after happiness, be it through… read analysis of Caroline “Carrie” Meeber.

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