And now they're back in Canada, Simon looks completely different, and he's speaking and acting very differently as well. People shouldn't take the video as an attack on Korea, but rather reasons why Japan is a better fit for their lifestyle. The recent B.A.P controversy (which I apologize for even bringing up at this point) is the prime example. I agree so strongly with your final sentence I cant stress it enough. I hate to speculate, but I really wish they would just come forward and explain what happened. To each his own. Like any illness the severity can wax and wane. Simon and Martina talk about the traumatizing hate they got for their Kpop Youtube videos In one of the latest episodes of their podcast, Simon and Martina talk about the hate they used to get when they made videos about kpop and how their lives have become a lot … Martina Stawski claims that Eatyourkimchi has a worldwide audience with the largest communities in Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore and South Korea. This is very interesting for me to read, as I was pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum. THIS! However, it mostly feels like Simon was the one to leave. During their stay, they produced a video series on Japanese food and culture titled Eat Your Sushi. Simon and Martina is a YouTube video blog channel created by Canadian expatriates Simon and Martina Stawski. Imagine this, martina decides to move in with her mom so she can be with her family and simon moves into the city with the pets while they both look for another home together. And judging by the attitudes they have on camera, i dont think they’re going to get back together. Martina didnt think she was ready for a dog after spudgy passed away. [26] Elysabeth Hahm from Yonhap News noted that the Stawskis allowed tourists to gain information from a local's perspective that was not present in guidebooks. It's only natural that their fans will pick up on the fact that something drastic happened. . I think they got a dog as a last attempt to make their marriage work. By January 2018, the channel had 1.3 million subscribers. Martina's comments seem a little annoyed & it's interesting. Lets talk about their pets. Sounds reasonable right? Well, wouldnt you think simon would have mentioned how Martina is with her mom while theyre both looking for a house together? Especially your point on "They aren't talking", seems true as someone posted a sub here with a photo where someone pointed out how Simons Video didn't really help the situation and Martina replied and said "I had nothing to do with that Video".And I think she would certainly have stopped him from posting that if she had known about the content....(especially 8:10 of Simons Video...if you don't want people to speculate then maaaaaybe....dont do that? I could tell something was up when they disappeared for a few months, then announced out of the blue that they had moved back to Canada. 14. His bizarre behavior in his update video makes it seem like he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd, having been emotionally vulnerable due to where he’s at in his life. This divorce was primarily brought on by Simon. Originally launched as Eat Your Kimchi, from 2008 to 2016, the channel featured videos about the Stawskis' lives in South Korea, including food, cultural differences, and popular media. Imagine this, martina decides to move in with her mom so she can be with her family and simon moves into the city with the pets while they both look for another home together. I dont know who initiated the breakup but theres no denying they’re separated. ), More posts from the EatYourKimchi_v2 community, Official Eat Your Kimchi (Eat Your Sushi) sub replacement to talk all things Simon & Martina! ", "How YouTube impacts lives of ordinary people", "K-Pop takes America: how South Korea's music machine is conquering the world", "(Yonhap Feature) Bloggers help visitors know true aspects of Korea", "Canadians in South Korea Fund Expansion of Popular Web Site: 'Nasties' Fund A Prosperous Future Awfully Pronto", "The #WCW directors of Do Stuff show there's space for filmmaking on YouTube", "Korean YouTube Community Teams Up To Create Coffee Shop For Viewers", "Breaker helps pave a new path to stardom via YouTube", "Influencers who are open about chronic health conditions", "YouTube Stars Simon & Martina's 5 Universal Rules for Exploring a City's Food Scene", "YouTube's viral stars on how the platform changed the internet forever", "Gastronauts: Canadian YouTube stars talk food, business and passion", "Vloggers Simon and Martina: 'We feel like we need to whisper in our own house, "How YouTube creators are using the platform's Patreon-like channel memberships", "Unlikely Korean pop star conquers the U.S. -- 'Gangnam Style, "Vlogging White Privilege Abroad: Eat Your Kimchi's Eating and Spitting Out of the Korean Other on YouTube", "Click! Hi Simon, really nice to see you here. As a fellow zebra I know that if my partner were to blow off my concerns about being high risk for covid it would make me reevaluate the relationship. Can't see any behavior out of the ordinary from Martina, but I'm not denying she could have been the one to initiate the breakup. Simon was a lot more interested in the idea of getting a new dog. [8] On the other hand, David Oh and Chuyun Oh, through the periodical Communication, Culture & Critique, criticized Eat Your Kimchi, describing the Stawskis' approach towards Korean culture as ethnocentric and orientalist. . It is not a hopeless spiral getting worse until death. On September 5, 2012, the Stawskis launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo for setting up a business and for a studio in Seoul to film. I know this is old but could you link that video where he says he's not trying to be new age-y? I've read some very interesting research about it saving many lives of suicidal people who could find NO other cure. Simon & Martina. However, there are interventions that can be to to help and treat the symptoms including pain management and surgeries that shorten tendons and joint replacements. I actually had a question for a while. [1], Simon and Martina Stawski met in 2005 during a poetry class at the University of Toronto, and both earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Art. I'm not going to rule anything out from a divorce to them trolling everyone. Simon and Martina is a YouTube video blog channel created by Canadian expatriates Simon and Martina Stawski. Other users have noted that once Simon returned from New York in December 2019 the couple's dynamic seemed to have changed. I adore them. Just a little FYI on EDS--it can get better, but it can't be cured. Unfortunately people in such crowds often cause people to question their own judgements and push them to do unhealthy things. Staying in Korea would have been the safe move in some respects. Name: Simon and Martina Stawski Age: 33 Nationality: Canadian Occupation: Vloggers Likes: Eating, coffee, discovering new music Dislikes: The words “moist, leotard and puce,” and celery Their reasons are delivered well, and one can tell by watching the video they merely wanted to give reasons why they preferred living in Japan than in South Korea. Agree he didnt look healthy at all in that video , eyes sunken with big back bags under them , drawn out speach etc . noonaneomuhomo: So starting off, I was already not having it since I was alerted by my sister and people on Tumblr about the many problematic aspects of the video. Simon and Martina is a YouTube video blog channel created by Canadian expatriates Simon and Martina Stawski. [17] In 2015, the Stawskis closed down Eat Your Kimchi's studio to move to Kichijōji in Tokyo, Japan the following year,[18][19][20] Their video series was renamed Eat Your Sushi,[21] and the channel itself was also renamed Simon and Martina during the rebranding. She seems sad in her new videos but in the general end of a marriage way. My personal opinion is that they are broken up and Simon initiated it. They’ll tell you somethings acceptable to cause you to push people away.

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