Not only are theses some of the most beautiful pheasant species they are also some of the easiest to keep and raise. The average pair of breeding pheasants will lay up to two dozen fertile pheasant eggs, although some pheasant species and breeds lay much less. A clutch of 6 to 15 eggs will be laid and hatch approximately 27 days later. It is best to provide this breed as much natural surroundings as possible. After that, the female pheasant will sit on the eggs and incubate the fertile ones until they hatch. Ornamental Pheasants for sale. There are many reasons to raise ornamental pheasants, not the least of which is their undeniable beauty. These birds can be kept in an aviary that contains waterfowl. Here at Mallard Lane Farms we keep the Red Golden, Lady Amherst, Reeves and Silver Pheasants. From the spectacular Red Gold Pheasant to the cold-loving Eared Pheasants there are almost endless species, color mutations and variations of pheasants. Common ornamental pheasants are hardy and require little care. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Get the best deals on Poultry Pheasant Hatching Eggs when you shop the largest online selection at $19.99 per dozen plus shipping. Ring neck pheasant chicks and fertile eggs available. PHEASANTS . Silver Pheasant males reach an average mature weight of 4 lbs and an overall length of 49 inches, with the tail accounting for 30 inches. No shipping on chicks at the moment. Prairie Ridge Aviary offers the following ornamental pheasants for sale: Express shipping and box is available at $130 for one bird, $175 for two birds, and $350 for three or four birds.

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