Some of that can be reduced by mounting it on the included boom stand and using the wind screen if it’s breezy on an outdoor stage. Colbert • January 17, 2017 • No Comments • Dynamic microphones are an essential part of stage performances. I've had vocalists A/B them and neither I or they could hear a $100 difference. He also holds a BSc First Class Hons Degree in Music Technology. It also has a clean sound although it’s not as great at eliminating handling noise as the Shure Beta 57A described above. Perhaps the most immediately obvious difference – at least from a visual perspective – is the grille design. Beta microphone grilles are also much harder in comparison to their SM counterparts, which makes them more difficult to dent. The Shure SM57 is a classic dynamic microphone that has recorded probably most of the music you’ve ever heard. I like the Beta 57A over the SM57 for vocals. Schließlich ist die Liste an Referenzen ebenso unendlich groß wie die der möglichen Einsatzgebiete. It’s all-purpose utility mic that makes just about everything sound good. This mic is a dynamic cardioid mic that finds it home in a studio as well as live. Less well known, the Beta 57A is also heard on many classic vocal recordings – despite being intended for instruments. However, we all know that they are extremely similar microphones, in fact, they are almost identical. The SM57 does not have a full protective grille - but there's a good reason for this. Marc Henshall | Consider getting the SM57 if you plan to use your microphone primarily for guitars, woodwinds, or drums. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Let’s take a look at these two models from Shure to see which one is the best for your needs. To this day, the SM57 remains number one for guitar amps and snares - both live and in the studio. Less well known, the Beta 57A is also heard on many classic vocal recordings – despite being intended for instruments.Therefore, with such an impressive history, you might be left wondering what applications would call for its closely related cousin, the Beta 57A. 09/08/2008. Marc forms part of our Pro Audio team at Shure UK and specialises in Digital Marketing. This means the SM57 will reject better from the back, whereas the Beta 57a will reject better from the sides. It also has an extended frequency response compared to the SM57. Read More » The metal grillee on the Beta 57A is more rugged than the grillee on the Shure SM57n described below. Both are good for vocals or recording instruments, but there are some differences that may sway you. Additionally, if you capture more bottom-end on a vocal or instrument, the added oomph won't necessarily work within the context of a full mix. It puts out bright high tones and solid low tones, so it’s a very versatile microphone. November 19, 2020, Gemma Stenberg | It’s a lead singer mic. It appears on stage and in studios all over the world supporting everything from vocals to drums and guitars. In this post, we'll cover the facts to shed some light on the key differences. It's very close to sounding as good as a $250 Beta 87A condenser. To this day, the SM57 remains number one for guitar amps and snares - both live and in the studio. Das Shure Beta 57A hat nicht zufällig eine 57 im Produktkürzel. This makes your decision a … Shure SM57 vs SM58; Read before you Decide! Both the Shure SM57 and the SM58 are two of the most used and best-know microphones out there. It's important to consider what you want the final result to be; and by referring to the key differences in this post you should now be armed to make a more informed decision.To located your nearest Shure dealer, please visit our dealer locator. Want to buy one of this. The right mics will make all the difference in clarity and power of sound. 113 Posts . peepsaudio's review. You'd be hard-pressed to find a band that hasn't used the celebrated SM57 at least somewhere in their career. andi85 Mod Emeritus. Find An Answer Browse our vast Answer database for answers to many common technical questions. Since it has a neodymium magnet, you’ll find that the Beta 57A has a higher output level with good signal-to-noise ratio. A studio environment lowers the amount of handling noise. On the other hand, if you want to make use of proximity effect to add boom, the protective grille lets you get very close to the mic. If you use it in the studio, it’s handy for recording woodwinds, drums, and strings like guitar. In the absence of a protective ball shaped grille (like the one found on a 58) engineers are able to make full use of the proximity effect. As you can see from the diagram below, a cardioid microphone will reject best from the back while a super-cardioid microphone will reject better from the sides.

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