Some mics can make almost anything sound good. Dynamic microphone for guitar amps, I have not used for anything else. ", Review MTP 440 DM Tested by RecordingHacks, How to record your electric guitar at home. The LCT 550 is built using semiconductors and without a transformer. It seems to me that this "evolution" line of microphone that Sennheiser put out is particularly source dependant. They were testing the LEWITT DTP 640 REX, MTP 440 DM, LCT 340 as well as two LCT 550 and compared them with AKG 414ULS. It fattened the sound of a snare and the final sound of guitars was massive. Unfortunately for them I had two LCT 550 and that’s where the magic happens. Even if you have poor quality drums. You will get a very defined picture of your source, which is great since you often want to have a very isolated sound for your guitar and horn tracks. If it gets too loud the logo of the microphone will start to blink in red color. The switching doesn’t make any noise which is not very common when comparing to the other companies. Also used on the toms mediums. At first I complained: 'Sebastian, there’s not enough low end, it sounds boxy. 214 doesn’t even have the start and you can put them back into the box as fast as possible. If I had to compare them to something else it would be Audix D2 or D4. (You will hear that on the Horn Impaler EP)", Toms on the MTP 440 DM: The microphone started to blink. Sound techs like 'em too! The pickup pattern on this mic is a supercardioid, so there is some very steep rejection of the sides and back on this mic. It's not possible with LEWITT. ", Conclusion: "I can say about the LEWITT that they are fatter. what I want is the return before any of my sound, so it necessarily passes by a very good mic. This mic is great for when you want guitars to sound powerful, because it really makes the mids and low mids sing. It has a really pleasent low-mid, lower than SM57. Even if you have poor quality drums. It is also lightweight at only 4.9 ounces (28.35 grams). The SM57, which is usually the traditional guitar amp mainstay, can make isolated guitars sound a little hollow at times, whereas guitars through this mic are much more full. I’m a total zero.’, You can make it sound good and it doesn’t matter if it’s light pop or straight up death metal. I've found that the e604s (been using them for years now) and the e609 (just got one about a half a year ago) can sound lifeless and thin on some stuff, but great on other stuff! I play loud rock guitar and I am very picky about the tone of my rig being accurately sent to FOH. It doesn't have a low-roll off or a switchable polar pattern. Guitars - fast and aggressive. Heinrich shared his experiences in a very nice review on Facebook. We have the only one characteristic - cardioid. "In short, it's really hard to not make it sound good. "I will write here that those microphones have a lot of low-end. LEWITT doesn’t reset the settings. Large diaphragm microphone designed special like for miking guitar amps. After pluging off the microphone, all the settings stay the same. Saint Agnes - you were awesome. This microphone is also an analogmicrophone. Seba replied: 'Oh yeah? If you will have the opportunity to test those microphones, do it. For sure the LCT 550 is a newer construction and a different idea for the sound. Drums - fat, rounded, disgusting golems ready for war. When the standard for mic'ing anything goes, "Just put a. Sennheiser isn't the only one, though. Seba replied: 'Oh yeah? This mic is a very low cost, very good sounding mic, but only for very specific applications. transplanted for the first guitar. As advertised in its description, its shape makes it excellent for miking not only guitar cabs but also various drums (especially toms, and it also gives a unique, slightly diffused sound when use to record kick). Silver on the input side. As for the sound, think of an SM57 but move the focus of that mic an octave lower. Mixing contest feat. I use the E609 for the guitar on rock, hardcore, pop, metal, and also in live in a home studio. First microphones with similiar features (AKG 414) had a curious problem. The sound itself is very impressive. The Sennheiser e609 Silver Dynamic Microphone is well regarded as a great guitar cab mic, and for good reason. Then you go back and someone accidently cuts down the power. My Sennheiser e609 is much, much better.' It is just a matter of taste. Click… click… How about now?' • 5 min read. You have to go to the third floor and set the microphone to cut out the lowest frequencies. [...], The last thing is the grill. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. They are much more modern sounding and have more attack. Overheads on the LCT 340 compared to the LCT 550: "I won’t lie that we spent much time testing them. Let’s say you play live in the church. I guarantee you that you will be pleasently surprised. How many times was it that 214 or 414 fell on the ground after slipping from this plastic grey crap? As I mentioned before even with poor quality cymbals you can get a nice sound.

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