Is there free roam? Probably not so i need 2 more playthroughs because of this. I think so too. That was 100+hrs of gameplay and 2 newgame+ wasted!!! . If Sekiro is your first fromsoft game it will probably be brutal. Ashina-Reisender Alle Gegenden des Spiels bereist. You first get the Lapis Lazuli BEFORE NG+ (if you don’t have it already). I am confused and don’t want to make it wrong. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third-person action-adventure game that puts players in the role of a hard-hearted warrior whose mission is to rescue his master, a … I confirm there is a free roam. Yes a USB flash drive works just fine, no need for a hard drive. ='(. There are the following areas in the game: You just need to have visited each of them once for this trophy. Upgrading attack power, while helpful, also means a longer grind later. I’ve never commented before but just wanted to say your amazing. Secure your save as you did before. Then go to PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management to back up the save. In what order I should do all endings and all bosses. but someone on r/Sekiro said that there’s apoint of no return after you kill Genichiro, something about a praying monk despawns after you kill Genichiro making somethnig to do with “infested” impossible to achieve. i only have 2 USB sticks, where should i make manual saves? Confronting the memories gives you attack power and are not meant to be saved. Das erste Mal durch „Auferstehung“ von den Toten zurückgekehrt. Version 1.1. Shura is basically the “short form ending” that ends everything early and you’d never reach the last story area (to which lots of other trophies are tied to). After defeating the Corrupted Monk Boss in Ashina Depths & the Guardian Boss in Sunken Valley, you must return to the Tower Roof of Ashina Castle, where the Genichiro Ashina boss fight took place. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Wiki & Strategy Guide, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Guide (Boss Locations & Walkthroughs), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Gourd Seed Locations (Healing Gourd Upgrades), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Prayer Bead Locations (Vitality & Posture Upgrades), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Prosthetic Tool Locations (Weapons), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Skill Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Ninjutsu Technique Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Treasure Carp Scale Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – All Lapis Lazuli Upgrade Item Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Items List & All Item Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Guide (All Boss Locations & Walkthroughs), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Prosthetic Tool Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Combat Styles & Skill Unlock Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Ninjutsu Technique Locations, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Prayer Bead Locations (Vitality & Posture Upgrades), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Gourd Seed Locations (Healing Gourd Upgrades), Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How to Get All Endings, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Lapis Lazuli Locations, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Speak to Randvi Bugged? In your first playthrough you can’t do anything wrong until you reach the Corrupted Monk main boss in Ashina Depths and Guardian Ape main boss in Sunken Valley (both unmissable). Do you actually need to kill all of the headless dothey count towards all bosses, Nope, only “major” bosses counts (the ones that upgrade your strenght), of all shaman and headless you only need the shaman with the upgrade ring once and the shaman for lapislazzuli twice. Was this ever confirmed? Just wanted to point out the major point here: your guide for a 2-run platinum 100% works only assuming you have all the other skills BEFORE going for the Shura ending in NG+ (thus getting both the all bosses AND the all skills trophies after beating Isshin), which I think wouldn’t be the case for most people, since getting skill points gets harder and harder due to the progression system, and you don’t get there naturally, even with a NG+, you have to farm XP sooner or later. In trophy guide is all about endings but I don’t see how do it with all bosses trophy. Do you have One Mind (Isshin) and Dragon Flash (Sword Saint) on the same save file? At what points do we need to make separate saves for the all 4 endings trophy? Sadly no platnium for me just defeated the corrupted monk and no trophy at all i have no idea whats going on. You can beat him again for the skill and go into NG++ with it for fun. You can start NG+ at any time from the idol at Dilapidated Temple. With this you can also test what skills and combat arts you like the most. The platinum for this game wants you to get 100% completion: see all endings, beat all optional bosses, and find all upgrade items in the game. See Sekiro Lapis Lazuli Locations Guide. So no need to get all other skills before him. How would you improve the instructions? still kinda confused. Can you confirm this? Including indepth strategies on every boss and all endings. Hi there, same thing happened to me. This time stay loyal to Owl by picking the 1st dialogue option (top one): “Obey the Iron Code, Forsake Kuro”. A PS4-Exclusive Features. How did some people manage to get “Peak Physical Strength” early in the game, before even unlocking “Ashina Traveler”? 1.) You can even copy the PS4 Folder from USB to a PC, thus can keep multiple backups (then copy back from PC to USB to PS4 to restore). After the game you’re asked if you want to head into New Game+ right away, choose “No” to continue free-roam after the story. Can farm the rest afterward. Go to Fountainhead and grab the easier 4 Lapis Lazuli (ignore Demon of Hatred this time) for your final upgrades. You need NG+ for the “All Bosses” trophy because per run you must pick between Shura Ending Bosses (Emma + Isshin) or the other 3 Ending bosses (those 3 endings can all be done in same run). So the THEORY (unconfirmed) is that you must also beat NG+ and NG++ to get All Skills trophy & All Bosses trophy (the new ones in NG+ & the boss from each different ending as they all have different bosses too). Stay Loyal to Kuro”. I know you’re not gonna reply to me but the last skill spiral cloud it’s locked PS4 Savefile Backup: May I have to defeat the final boss 3 times in order to get platinum or I can do a save after the fight? I can take gael and kos solo easy i can’t beat that guy at all, let alone come close to beating him. You’d never even reach Fountainhead Palace and miss out on this. You want to reload your savefile before the Owl, since you want to fight him again. Then play through NG+ to get the remaining endings which have different bosses (for all bosses trophy). Ein Prothesen-Modul mit Lapislazuli maximal verbessert. I’ve bought the game but am holding off playing it until I know about missables etc. More will probably die so can you clarify if this matters for the trophies? Thanks for the guide Powerpyx by the way, really helped. I literally just beat Genichiro and took a break (but i still have my save online from just before the fight with him). Goldene Trophäen. See Sekiro Boss Locations Guide & Sekiro Lapis Lazuli Locations Guide. I thought the instruction was supposed to save the game to the cloud, turns out it was supposed to overwrite it!

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