AOSA Seed Vigor Testing Handbook ISTA Handbook of Vigour Test Methods This test is a great comparison to the germination test and indicates how well the seed will perform in cold soil. eed vigor testing provides valuable information for assessing seed lot quality. Precision is an extremely important factor in testing seed for vigour. seed viability have, therefore,. Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride (TTC) Test (each lab group) Triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) is a clear, water soluble compound which is reduced by respiring tissues to yield triphenylformazan, a water insoluble red pigment. A high seed vigour percentage is the ability of the seed to germinate at a cold temperature and establish a uniform, optimum plant stand in adverse conditions. The test is very useful in processing, handling, storing and marketing. Germination test •ISTA: Seed vigour is the sum of those properties which determine the potential level of activity and performance of the seed or seed lot during germination and seedling emergence. A low seed vigour may result in a reduced plant stand and uneven emergence. “The vigour test stresses the seed so if there is a problem that’s not detected in the germination test we find it in the vigour.” ADVERTISEMENT Wheat, she said, is tested at a constant 20 C between paper blotters or in sand for seven days. Its advantage is that virtually any type of seed can be tested using the AA test. The screen is placed into an acrylic box that contains 40ml of water. The ability of the seed testing equipment used should be constantly monitored and verified. Seedling vigor (seedling size, health, and growth rate) is the product of several factors related to genetics and environmental influences, and can also be manipulated through management. Seed vigor tests generally impose a stress on the seeds. An accelerated ageing test was used as a seed vigor testing technique to classify the samples of each species. b) Cut seeds in half and place in container of TTC. the cold test is a common vigor test for corn and other seeds ; high temperature stress is used for lettuce ; osmotic stress works, but is not widely used ; mechanical stress (growth through brick grit or through a paper barrier) also possible but little used; 18 Cold Test. However, conditions in which the seed is found during • examination are often in conflict with the conditions in the field. been developed to furnish quick estimates of seeds' germinability. The test consists of placing a species specific mass of seed (not a certain number) on an elevated screen. The rice seed was incubated at 44 °C and 100% relative humidity, (RH) for 72 h (Chhetri, 2009) and the mung bean seed was incubated at 45 °C and 100% RH for 96 h (Abass and Shaheed, 2012). a) Remove the seed coats from six seeds of your assigned seed group. Vigour tests in conjunction with a germination test can give seed sellers and buyers more confidence when choosing seed lots. • Vigour tests • Standard germination test is an indicator of seed quality, which can be used • to predict the field emergence, if soil conditions are nearly ideal (DUURANT and • GUMMERSON, 1990). However, most vigor tests have not experienced widespread use because of their subjectivity, high cost and variability in test results from laboratory to laboratory. Accelerated aging is another vigor test that can be used to estimate field emergence. Naturally, seed size and performance in warm and cool germination tests can be indicators of how vigorous seedlings might be. 3.

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