Minimize or maximize all but the active desktop window. If you want to take a screenshot of part of your screen then this shortcut can help you do it. Instead of that, you can use this simple shortcut to create a new Virtual Desktop without wasting any time. It lets you cycle through all the apps pinned on your Taskbar and you can open it with the Enter key. Shortcut Key: Windows + . Release the buttons and you are back to your active window. To close the Alt+Tab switcher without changing windows, press the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard. This is a really handy shortcut if you deal with local folders regularly. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. There you have it. ⊞ Win + E — opens Windows Explorer; in Windows 10 opens the Quick Launch by default; ⊞ Win + F — opens 'Find files and folders'; ⊞ Win + Ctrl + F — opens 'Find computers'; ⊞ Win + G — brings all gadgets to the foreground that are in process (only in Windows 7 and Vista); opens the Game bar in Windows 10; To turn it on, go to Windows Settings-> Cortana -> Enable Keyboard Shortcut. If you are someone who wants to quickly uninstall programs, open PowerShell with Admin rights or update drivers from Device Manager, this shortcut will save you a lot of clicks. If you want to efficiently wade through multiple active windows of an app, just use this shortcut and you will be on the run. Copies selected text or item: [Ctrl] + C; Cuts selected text or item: [Ctrl] + X; Pastes text or item on clipboard to your cursor location or designated file location: [Ctrl] + V; Undo something: [Ctrl] + Z; Redo something: [Ctrl] + Y; Save a document: [Ctrl] + S; Print a document: [Ctrl] + P Hold down the Ctrl key, and then tap Tab repeatedly to switch to the tab to the right. It just makes things a breeze. The Alt+Tab switcher has other useful-but-hidden keyboard shortcuts. The Narrator on Windows 10 can read aloud texts from the screen. That felt more like a tech demo for 3D on Windows rather than a useful window switcher. You can open the old Alt+Tab switcher with a hidden keyboard shortcut, too. Again, wade through the clutter of multiple windows and Virtual Desktops through this shortcut. You can use this shortcut to type with your voice. Overall, it’s a powerhouse of an app. The “Ctrl+1” keyboard shortcut will take you to the first tab and you can ascend the numbers to get to subsequent tabs. You can also use the Arrow keys to move the cursor and Enter key to open any file or folder. Right-click on an app of your choice and open “Properties”. If you want to dive deep and customize Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts at length, WinHotKey is highly recommended. Now you can go through all your copied texts with this simple shortcut. Shortcut Key: Windows + Number based on the position of the App. In almost any application that offers built-in tabs, you can use Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs, just as you’d use Alt+Tab to switch between windows. The... 60 Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use, removed all the limitations of command-line editing, 12 Handy Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Definitely Know, 22 Handy VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and macOS, How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac, 15 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know, 8 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10, 10 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 (Free and Paid), Microsoft Could Bring Android Apps Support to Windows 10 Next Year: Report, How to Disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10, Microsoft Announces ‘Pluton’ Security Processor for Windows PCs. With Sticky Keys enabled, you can press the modifier key and have it remain active until other keys are pressed. Backspace is the easiest way to navigate the Windows file system. If you’re looking for something a bit different, give it a try. Rejoice! One tiny feature that I love on macOS and wanted on Windows was an easy way to rename files. He's written about technology for nearly a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. However, it does support Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go through windows in reverse, and you can press Esc to close it. Let's say... Windows Logo Key + L: Use this combination to switch between accounts. Windows Text and File Management Keyboard Shortcuts. Shortcut Key: Ctrl + A 3. If you use sticky notes on Windows 10 to jot down things, this shortcut can help you take a look at your desktop without minimizing anything. Enjoy! But navigating to specific destinations in … Whenever you are playing a game, just press this key combination and Windows will start recording your gameplay with microphone audio synced in. No worries. You have entered an incorrect email address! If you want to quickly jump to Windows Settings, this shortcut can make things way easier for you. If you want to insert an emoji, just press Windows and period keys at once and the emoji keyboard will instantly open up. Shortcut Key: Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow. It has larger window previews and a built-in “Terminate” function to close misbehaving applications. Chris Hoffman is Editor in Chief of How-To Geek. Well, here I am going to share two easy ways to personalize Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts. With the native way, you can assign your preferred keyboard shortcut for various apps. If you use multiple monitors, this shortcut can make the transition a lot faster and easier. Select All. ???? Press Alt+Tab to open the switcher and keep holding down the Alt key. We will be happy to take a look. If you are a pro user, this one is for you. If you want to preview an image without opening it, you can use this shortcut. While using your mouse, you’ll notice a bonus: an “x” appears at the top-right corner of a window thumbnail when you hover over it.

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