To complicate matters, if one parent decides that it is necessary to move a significant distance from the other, the ability to negotiate details and compromise on small issues diminishes. Distance between co-parents: A long-distance parenting plan will have to take the distance between parents, and the ease of travelling between their two houses, into account. Because a child with special needs generally requires more care, it is essential that the mother and father develop a plan that meets the extra needs of the child. Monthly or semi-monthly parenting time for the long-distance parent may be feasible for co-parents who live a car-ride apart. Parents may generate their plan as a team, and often times, parents may consult a third party for guidance, such as a mediator or other family health specialist. Hopefully this was helpful. We have another article/video that provides simple examples of various types of parenting plans. That’s it! How to write an Oklahoma parenting plan agreement, without a lawyer, utilizing a do-it-yourself (DIY) online software template containing worksheet examples, sample forms, and extensive software options. One of the things I consistently observed was that parents did not have a clue about how to make REALISTIC long term plans for their children. • children’s changing developmental needs, for example • 0 to 4 years every 9 months • 4 to 12 years every 12 months • 12+ years every 2+ years. The process of creating an interstate parenting plan brings parents together to come to an agreement that works best for their child as well as for both parents. Here is a parenting plan template for parents in this situation. However the Agreement on page 7 allows you to set a date for review where you both agree to do so. For more, click the resources tab in the upper right corner of any page of our website. One of the hardest tasks that parents face when going through the divorce process is creating a parenting plan that works for the children and both of the parents. Rocket lawyer offers this free Parenting Plan template, which you can use if: You are getting a divorce and your state requires you to submit a Parenting Plan. You are getting a divorce or separation and want to make a Parenting Plan for your own needs. I developed this parenting plan template based on over 200 custody evaluations I have conducted during the past five years. 568+ Sample Plan Templates; Just like other examples of plans, such as a marketing plan, a parenting plan can provide a convenient guide for what its users would have to do. Our firm believes in making quality legal information available for free online. Click here for a fully drafted example of an infant parenting plan. How to Modify This Report: What You Need to Know Before Starting! This parenting plan template will get you started. You need to make a co-parenting agreement with someone who is not a spouse. Separated and divorced parents who have children with special needs have more responsibility towards their parenting plan and custody agreement. Reviews can be done at any time providing you both agree and some parents prefer not to set a formal review date.

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